How to Make a Tooth Fairy Doll

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How To Make A Tooth Fairy Doll

No. 24 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series


Ned lost his second baby tooth last week, and we needed a little tooth pillow-y thing to pop it in. His first tooth went into a little gold origami box just like this one, but this box is still holding his gold coin treasure and crystal so we needed to make a new plan.

So the tooth fairy doll idea was born. How cute is this?

Of course, we didn’t put this little guy under the pillow. No sir-ee. We placed him gently and carefully on the bed side table, ready to guard the tooth with all his might.

And he did of course.

Ned woke up to a little terrarium jar full of baby crystal chips, AND a second GOLD COIN!  But it was the tiny crystals in the jar with the cork top that really sent him wild. He couldn’t wait to show his brother, and his mate J, and the neighbours, and of course his school friends. Life at 6 is so exciting!

How to make a tooth fairy doll for your wobbly-tooth brigade

Pictures run from left to right…

how to make a tooth fairy doll pm1

1.  Cut two squares, 10cm by 10cm, of your favourite plain coloured fabric. (I used light denim.)  Place one piece on the table, right side up. Cut this envelope lid shape from a piece of blue felt. It measures 7cm wide. Place it on the fabric like so.

2. Using a sewing machine, run a thread along the base of the envelope lid shape to hold it in place.

3. Cut a 7cm by 7cm square of blue felt, and place it on top of the lid shape, overlapping it slightly to cover the sewing thread.

how to make a tooth fairy doll pm2

4. Using a sewing machine, run a stitch around the square from the left to the right, leaving the top open.

5. When you have finished, place the second piece of fabric on top, good side facing down.

6. Using the sewing machine, run a line of stitching right around the shape to match the photo above, keeping the lines as straight as you can. Note that on the top side, the stitch only runs about 1.5 cm in on both sides, not all the way across.

how to make a tooth fairy doll pm3

7. Turn the squares right side out. Your pillow will look like this.

8. Fold the lid piece in half by squeezing the two sides together. Carefully cut a small line for the button seam.

9. Determine where your button will sit on the front face of the felt, and sew in place so that the lid can close over the button like so.

how to make a tooth fairy doll pm4

10. Fill the inside of your pillow with wool fleece, leaving a small area in the centre free.

11. Take a 10cm by 10cm piece of rugby knit in your favourite ‘skin’ colour. Place a small ball of wool in the centre of the square and tie it up like so to make a ‘head’.

12. Place the ‘head’ and the excess material into the pillow and pin in place to hold it steady.

how to make a tooth fairy doll pm5

13. Sew the head in place with a few tiny straight stitches. When the head is secure, run a gathering stitch along the diagonal like so. Pull in the thread to create an ‘arm’ shape. Be sure to make the corner as large as possible by keeping that thread as close to the edge of the pocket as you can.

14. Repeat on the other side.

15. Fold a piece of fabric in half and cut a rounded triangle shape similar to this one to make the hat. Run a line of machine stitching from the base to the tip.

how to make a tooth fairy doll

16. Turn the beanie hat the right way out, then fold over the rough edge seam into the hat. Place it on the head of the Tooth Fairy Doll.

17. Make a few teeny tiny stitches to hold the hat to the head, then embellish with some X shapes for decoration and extra strength!

18. Decorate the body and tooth envelope as you please. We kept our little fellow pretty plain this time but gee, we love him. He’s just right to look after Ned’s special ‘tooth’ surprises till the Tooth Fairy arrives.

You could make this doll larger too, and the pocket could hold jewellery, a birthday gift, or even be a pyjama bag.

Or something totally different. What might YOU use it for?





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