How to make an Autumn leaf fairy doll from felt and wool fleece

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Here is another way you can use pipe cleaners to make a simple dolly.
Wrap a small piece of pipe cleaner around a 1cm bead like so.
Twist an arm piece around the stem and add two smaller beads for hands.
Twist the pipe around these and secure tightly.
Cut out this shape for the faerie dress.
You can also taper the point of the dress shaped more like an autumn maple leaf.
Place the dress over the head, and fold back the cuffs so the hands become visible.
Stitch from the cuff, along the arm piece, and down until the midway point on the dress.
Repeat both sides.
Attach a long hanging string from the wire on the bead.
Now, make the hair.
Plaits are cute!
Pull the piece into three and plait from each end.
Place glue on the bead head, and thread the hanging string through the hair before securing in place.
You might like to embellish with a sweet autumn leaf pocket.
It looks just right to hold a gumnut teacup!
Why not try hanging a few on a naked branch outside on your favourite maple tree?
They also make enchanting pocket friends, and do love to jump into birthday treat bags.

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