How To Make Felt Finger Puppets For Kids: Jester pattern

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How To Make Felt Finger Puppets For Kids

30 Days of Dolls:

How to make felt finger puppets for kids

No. 13: Finger-walking Jester Doll


Another way you can make a finger puppet is to use your fingers as the legs, just like this guy. I’ve made these before using paper too, but this felt version is much more robust. And of course, you can change his hat/hair/clothing to make this puppet any theme you like- Kings, Queens, Butchers, Bakers or Candlestick Makers?

But I do like the Jester. He just needs a few bells on the ends on his hat. I’m on the lookout for tiny bells to finish him off but so far, I’m out of luck. I’ll post a pic on facebook when I find them and sew them on.


  How To Make Felt Finger Puppets For Kids1

How To Make Felt Finger Puppets For Kids: Jester Pattern

1. Trace around a large drinking glass onto felt and cut out two circles the same size.

2. Cut out two holes, large enough to fit your pointer and middle fingers.

3. Place a semi circle of cardboard inside the two circles in the space above the holes. Trim to fit.

How To Make Felt Finger Puppets For Kids2

4. Blanket stitch around the two inner circles, and also around the large outer circle.

5. Cut two arms from light coloured felt.

6. Use a straight stitch to hem these in place. Cut two cuffs for the arms and a large neck-piece from red felt and use straight stitch to hem around the border to keep these in place too.

How To Make Felt Finger Puppets For Kids3

7. This is what it looks like so far.

8. Cut two ‘face’ pieces, and stitch these onto the body with straight stitch. Fill the head with stuffing before sewing up the seam.

9. Cut two semi-circles from orange felt and attach these to the head. Stuff before sewing up the seam.

How To Make Felt Finger Puppets For Kids4

10. Double a piece of orange felt, then cut three ‘comma’ shapes from orange felt, keeping the straight side on the fold.

11. Sew up each of the ‘comma’ shapes, stuffing them before sewing up the seam.

12. Stitch in place on the hat, with one facing to the right, one towards the back, and the third shape on a diagonal opposite the first two shapes.

Your jester is ready for embellishment.

How To Make Felt Finger Puppets For Kids5

Sew or bead on a pair of eyes, and a mouth. Add gold ribbon on his hat, and seed beads around the neck, and on the points of the frill. Add whatever other fancy pants pieces you like too.

Then, take your Jester for a walk!  Hi ho, hi ho, off he goes.


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