How To Make Wee Folk Dolls With Beads

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how to make wee folk dolls with beads

How to make wee folk dolls with beads.

No. 18 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series:

A variation on Waldorf doll ‘root children’,

this apple child will set your heart aflutter.


Many years ago, I remember seeing a little ‘root child’ made of two dark brown beads glued together, covered in brown material. I also had something similar in my classroom- a felt-covered rainbow set of bead gnomes sitting on a semi-circular peg board. They were both so cute, yet SO easy. I thought I’d revamp the idea to make a little Apple Child but it would be easy enough to change the colour of the clothes, and/or the shape of the hat, to make any kind of wee doll you’d like.

How to make wee folk dolls with beads: Apple Child.

how to make wee folk dolls with beads

1. Trace around a cup on a piece of red stretch cotton knit. Cut two circles from your fabric.

2. Coat two beads (one large, one medium size) with PVA craft glue.

3. Stick them together.

4. Take one of your circles and wrap it around the bigger bead like so. Check for size. Trim circle if necessary. The material needs to reach about 2 mm beyond the neck.

how to make wee folk dolls with beads2

5. Use a double thread of matching cotton and run a gather stitch around the outside of the circle, as close to the edge as you can.

6. Carefully pull in the gathers so you don’t break thread.

7. Slip dress over the bottom bead and pull in the gather to fit. Tie a knot in the thread but leave needle attached.

8. To make the coat, fold the other circle in half.

how to make wee folk dolls with beads3

9. Place the material over the head. Push the needle and thread through the material.

10. Run a gather stitch all the way around the back of the head.

11. Pull in the gather when you reach the end, and make a few tacking stitches to hold the coat in place.

12. Make a small cut in the hat above the hole in the bead. Pull back the hat and add a drop of PVA glue. Push a small piece of green pipe cleaner through the hole and into the bead.

how to make wee folk dolls with beads4

13. Leave to dry.

14. Cut two small leaf shapes from green felt. Use a brown embroidery thread to stitch the first one in place on the stem.

15. Wrap the stem with the brown thread until it is covered. Attach the second leaf somewhere along the way.

16. My little Apple Child is now guarding my Apple!


What kind of wee doll would you make?


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