Making a doll: Felt “Peapod Baby”

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making a doll

Making a doll:

Felt “Peapod Baby” by Catherine Penwarn.



The first thing to do when making the sweet peapod baby is to take a small bead or a felt ball and cover it with a 6cm square piece of tricot/flesh coloured knit.  Cath’s tip is to ensure the fabric threads run vertically over the head (as opposed to on the horizontal plane). Gather in the tricot material at the base of the head and smooth it out so that one side doesn’t show any wrinkles.  This will become the front of the baby’s face. Take a piece of thread and fold it in half. Wrap the loop around the ball, thread the two loose ends through the loop and pull tight to secure the doll’s head.



Wrap the excess thread around the neck again and again, then tie off firmly.



Cut out two peapod shapes from felt in your colour of choice.>In one piece, cut a small hole opening.



Push the wrinkle free side of the ball through the hole. Blanket stitch the felt to the cotton knit to secure the face in place. Use a similar colour of cotton to match the felt.



Add lips using red thread.



And bullion knots for eyes. Come up through the back, and cut off any loose threads.



Place the second piece of felt behind the face. Blanket stitch around the entire shape to sew them together. When you have just a small opening left, fill the peapod with cotton or wool wadding. Push 2 beads into the peapod shape, in front of the wadding.  One sits in the centre piece of the pod, the other in the base part of the pod.  These beads will create the illusion of ‘peas’ inside the peapod when children touch it. Finish sewing up the peapod. Set aside.



To make the peapod itself, you need three pieces of felt, cut in the shape of the pattern like so.



Leaving a gap at either end, pin the base piece to the side piece. Blanket stitch these pieces together.



This is what it will look like.



Add the other side of the pod to the base and blanket stitch it together. You’ll have some extra felt at one end like this.




Fold over those extra pieces, one on top of the other to make a gnarly leaf shape. Blanket stitch it into place.



To hang it in the tree like me, stitch a loop of green wool to one tip of the pod.



Your peapod bed is ready. Simply pop your Sweet Peapod Baby into her home for a joyous nights sleep.


And here is a sneakpeek at Saturday’s crafternoon guests.
Aren’t they lucky ducks?





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