Making dolls: simple felt flower doll

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Making dolls: simple felt flower doll

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Here is what you need to gather.
The length of the felt is about 6 cm. The width of the dark blue piece is approx 4cm whilst the other pale blue width is approx 2cm.
Firstly, take the large piece. Fold it in half so the two short sides meet and sew it up using blanketstitch. The first stitch needs to begin inside the two pieces so the tail can be tucked away.


When the stitching is complete, you will have a tube like this.


Cut a circle out of the same colour to fit the base and blanket stitch it on.


 Set the tube aside for a moment.
On the two smaller strips, cut a petal pattern as shown below. You can also use any other petal shape you like to make different flowers/motifs/decorations/styles


Run a gathering stitch along the bottom edge.


Next, take your pipe cleaner and bead. Slip the bead over the end of the pipe cleaner, push the bead to half way, then bend as shown. The piece of pipe that sits above the bead becomes the stamen on top of the flower.


Twist the top pipe around the bottom piece to secure, as shown.
Stand the tube upright.  Add a little stuffing wool to the inside of the tube. Stand the pipe cleaner bead into the tube.
Run a gathering stitch around the top edge of the tube.
Pull the gather stitch tightly to secure the ‘head’ onto the body.
Now, take the first piece of petal and place it around the neck of the tube. Pull the gather stitch tightly and use the thread ends to make a few tacking stitches to hold the petals to the body of the doll.



The second petal becomes the hat.
Repeat the process above, then tack the leftover thread to the pipe cleaner to attach.
 A dollop of clear glue helps to hold it firm.





Simple, but versatile and much loved by children everywhere!!!

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