Making dolls: Wood and Wire Doll Tutorial (boy)

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Making dolls: Wood and wire doll tutorial (Boy)


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A few weeks ago, we began our Crafternoons again. I was the first host and wanted to try making dolls. As this was the only crafternoon before Easter, we made these little Easter-inspired dolls. They are simple because they use a wood and wire frame, but can be easily embellished with felt, wool, and beads too. Kids love them.


They are pretty easy to make once you know how, and are perfect for the children’s doll houses or floor games and stories too.  They don’t have to be Easter themed at all.  And these would make a great holiday crafting activity for children 4 and older.  Once they can blanket stitch.  (Yes, 4 year olds can blanket stitch, even some 3 year olds)


This is how to make a boy doll.





Cut out a shirt pattern and the pants pattern from your favourite coloured felt.




This is how the short pants will sit.




First, we prepare the body by wrapping a long piece of fleece about 1cm wide around the doll like this, as a scarf.



Use the long tails of the scarf to pad the timber frame and make the body soft.



Keep wrapping, first down one leg then the other. Do the arms too. You may need to pull off another fine strip (about 1/2 cm wide) to wrap the arms so it doesn’t get too bulky.



Once the body is prepared, sew on the short pants.



Use a fine cotton to blanket stitch up the inside of both legs like so.



Then sew up the front of the pants together.



Cut a small hole in the top of the shirt.



Pop the shirt over his head, then blanket stitch from the wrist to the waist on either side using a matching cotton. All you need to do now is decorate the outfit if you choose. Simply cut out shapes from felt or choose sequins, stars etc and glue on using a PVA craft glue and a brush. Paint the head with PVA and stick on some hair. I used yellow coloured fleece but wool or cotton wool will do too.



To make his Easter Parade hat, cut a small piece of felt and embroider Happy Easter on it using straight stitch. Sew on a small piece of elastic onto one side of the banner then fix it to the other end too so it forms a circular headband that can be slipped over his hair.  Add 3 coloured ‘feathers’ or leaf shapes cut from felt.



Sewing tip: I stitched on the Truck design onto Ned’s boy doll. If I were to stitch again, I’d sew the pattern on first before I placed the shirt onto the boy.


You might like to give him a face, and paint his shoes with acrylic paint and a coat of lacquer such as mod podge.


PS: Pop over here for a tutorial on making a girl wood and wire doll.

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  1. Amber Greene

    Try Indigo Inspirations online shop ( tell Jo I sent you!) or I’ve seen them in Bunnings. Not the small size though. only the larger ones.

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