Making dolls – Wood and Wire Doll Tutorial: Girl

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Making dolls- A wood and wire doll tutorial (girl)

making dolls


I love these little dolls.  They are just divine. Perfect for play, and storytelling and as a nature table prop. This is how you make a little girl wood and wire doll.




Cut two patterns in your favourite coloured felt.



Once your dress is cut out, we’ll prepare the body. Tie a loop knot  (slip knot) and place it over the foot. Hold the tail of wool upwards so it gets covered by your wrapping. I’m using a rainbow wool from Indigo Inspirations



Begin wrapping upwards until you have covered the entire leg. If you are a perfectionist, you can coat the leg with PVA glue first to stop the wool slipping but it’s not necessary. When you reach the top of the leg, tie it off with a double knot.



Repeat on the other side.



Wrap the body with some fleece to soften the hard timber frame. Then wrap the arms too. Start at the wrist on the left and leave the tail hanging. Repeat on the right.  Tie both tails together at the back like so.



Place the dress pieces on either side of the doll and use blanket stitch to sew them up from the neck to the  wrist, then from the wrist to the base of the dress.(Tip: if you want to sew on your embellishments, do this first before sewing up the dress).Give her a pretty hairdo. For the plaits, I took a piece of fleece about 10 cm long. Leave a 2cm gap in the middle and plait down either side.  Paint some PVA glue onto the timber head and place the plain piece onto the timber. Shape it with your fingers to style the look.



To make her headband, cut yourself a strip of green felt about 1/2cm wide and 4cm long. Cut out your decorations and stitch them onto the felt. Attach a narrow piece of elastic to one side, then fix this to the other side to make the headband into a loop.



Place the headband on her head and your girl is done.



I added little red ribbons onto her plaits and also an apple tree applique to her dress. You might like to decorate her dress too.


Happy holiday crafting!

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