‘Felt Designs on Calico’ Embroidery Hoop Art

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I needed a sign.  A sign for my craft/writing/webinar/life organising room.
What do you think?
I think this just about sums it up perfectly. Why not make your own perfectly imperfect sign too?
How to make your own Calico embroidery hoop art.
First, you need to prepare the calico.
Then it’s just a matter of cutting out your design from felt pieces.
I like to use good quality wool felt from Indigo Inspirations.
(In fact, it’s just about time for me to go visit Jo for new supplies.)
Use straight stitch to sew your felt design pieces to the calico.
I like to start in the centre and work outwards to the edges of the hoop.
This makes sure I can fit everything in.
This is my first word done.
When your whole design has been stitched to the calico, it’s time to seal the frame.
Carefully undo your embroidery hoop.
Remove the completed calico and lay it to one side on a clean bench or table.
Fill a brush with PVA or craft glue and paint the glue onto the inside edge of the outer frame.
Replace the material onto inner hoop and carefully press the outer frame (with glue)
back over the material.  Then tighten the embroidery hoop screw.
I like my work to look finished, even when no-one will actually see the back of the calico once it is hanging.  If you like to do this too, cut a piece of plain coloured felt to fit the inner circle.
Then glue it on to the back.
My Productive Mess.
Yes. Yes. Yes. I love my productive mess.
So, the question is…
What would your sign say?

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  1. sarah in the woods

    I need a sign that says the very same thing. I tend to have the crafty stuff everywhere. Except at the moment what I’m producing is a baby, and the surrounding mess doesn’t exactly look productive!

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