How to make a simple brooch using felt circles and embroidery

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Sometimes, the simplest thing can be a winner. This brooch is made from four circles cut from felt using pinking shears and is embellished with just a touch of embroidery. Children can make them too. What a fun holiday craft to do on a rainy or overcast day.

autumn felt brooch circles 1

1.  Draw four circles of slightly varied sizes onto sheets of tracing paper and cut out the templates.  Pin the templates onto pieces of felt in shades of your chosen colours, and cut around the circles using pinking shears. I’ve used shades of orange for an autumn hue.

autumn brooch felt circles 2

2.  Lay the circles on top of each other, smallest to biggest, then stitch them together using a co-ordinating button on the front.

autumn brooch button 3

3.  Add some simple embroidery stitches to fancy it up a bit.  I used daisy stitch here, and added a small stem inside each leaf.

autumn brooch embroidery 4

4.  I then added random bullion knots to the mix too. To make a bullion knot is easy.  You bring your needle up from under the felt, and wrap the needle (with the thread that follows the needle) four or five times.  Hold the wraps in place using one finger, then push the point of the needle back into the same (or very close by) hole as you came up through.  Go gently, and slowly, and the wraps will converge into a ball that tightens into a knot when your thread has been pulled back as far as it can go underneath the felt.  Repeat in a new position to make another knot.

autumn brooch backing 5

 5.  When you are done embellishing, cut a small circle of felt from scraps and glue it over the messy stitching on the back of the brooch.

autumn brooch pin 6

6.  Attach a brooch pin. Be sure it is up the right way (horizontal) to your design.

autumn felt circles brooch complete 7


7.  Wear with pride!

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