How to make handmade iphone cases using felt

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handmade felt iphone case pm

I’ve been thinking about handmade iphone cases for a while and finally sewed this handmade iphone case because I’m always losing my phone in my bag!  Now, I have it clipped onto a keyring that is attached to the handle of my bag. I can just pop my hand in and pull it out, like a magician who whips the rabbit out of a hat.  Alakazam!  Perhaps you might like to make one too?

handmade iphone case1

1.  Cut out two pieces of felt in your choice of colour.  Measure your template by tracing around your phone, then add a seam allowance of 1.5 cm on the two sides and base of the rectangle.  Leave a seam allowance of 2.5 cm at the top.

handmade felt iphone case 2

2.  Cut out your retro telephone template from blue felt.  (The receiver is separate from the base.) Cut a round circle for the dial area.

handmade felt iphone case 3

3.  Cut out the letters T E L from  red felt.
handmade felt iphone case 6

4.  Sew the pattern in place using tiny, weeny straight stitches.  Add a curly whirly cord from the phone to the receiver using stem stitch.
handmade felt iphone case 8

5. Fold over the top of the felt twice to make a sturdy opening, then use straight stitch to hold it in place.

handmade felt iphone case 9


handmade felt iphone case 7

6.  On the second piece of felt, cut a small hole like so, about 1/2 to 1 cm from the top.

handmade felt iphone case

7.  Make a buttonhole using blanket stitch.

handmade felt iphone case 10

8. To complete the case, place the front and back pieces together and blanket stitch all the way around.


9.  Add a circle keyring to the hole, then attach it to the inside of your handbag so you’ll never lose your phone again!

So far, so good.

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