Make a Felt Bowl: a how-to tutorial. Part Two

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Thread a needle with white cotton, tie a knot and leave about a one inch tail.
When your felt circle is dry, run a gathering stitch using this cotton around the perimeter of the shape.
Sew the thread about 1/2 cm from the edge.
When you are back to the start, pull on both cotton tails to gather the tacking thread.
This makes the felt pull into a bowl shape as below. Tie off the threads to hold the bowl in shape.
Thread a tapestry needle with one metre of red (or your choice) 16mm wool.
Thread the needle through the felt.
Then place the felt rope around the perimeter of the bowl.
Overlap the felt rope if necessary to adjust the size.
Begin looping the wool around the felt rope.
Go in through the rope, then through the top of the grey bowl as well.
Then bring your wool back over the top of the rope to create this looped look.
When you have worked your way back to the start, tie off the wool and cut off any loose felt ends.
Remove the white cotton tacking thread too.
One of my Moondew boys, Eden, lost his first tooth the day after they took this home.
When it came time to put his tooth somewhere safe for the toothfairy, this bowl was his choice of an offering place.  Gorgeous!!
One in pink.
And a white and red one too.
Jen looped the extra part into a fancy handle.
Wouldn’t these be lovely dishes for a Christmas table setting?
Filled with walnuts or Christmas wrapped toffees, they’d make a nice gift too.
What would you use it for??

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