How to make a slip knot: a how-to tutorial

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Slip knots are handy things. They are so versatile and helpful and wonderful if you are ever stuck out in the bush.

Slip knots are necessary for knitting and fingerknitting too. Who ever thought that a knot could ever be useful?

Making a slip knot as an adult should be easy. Sometimes, it is. Sometimes, it is not.
Want a helping hand??
This is my little story I tell when I teach how to make a slipknot.

Here is a little bird with a beak and top feathers.

A worm is coming along. See him inch his way along.
(Take the end of the wool and run it over the finger and thumb from the front).

Here he comes, looking for something to nibble.
(Bring the wool down and back towards you so that there is now a cross formed in the wool)

Watch out! The bird catches the worm!!
(The two fingers forming the beak, reach through and catch the LONG strand of wool ie: the bit attached to the wool ball)

He takes the worm into his mouth.
(The two fingers hold onto the wool strand tightly and pull it back into the loop).

Yum! Yum!
A finished slip knot, ready to use.

10 Responses to “How to make a slip knot: a how-to tutorial”

  1. Amber

    Yay, Sally. This little bird story has helped so many of my kindy kids over the years! Hope it works as well for you too!

  2. Amber

    Oh no Brendan! Where are you stuck? (Can’t believe this is a real comment to be honest!) ;)

  3. Peggy McElhaney

    Love the instructions. Page by page. I should be able to figure that out. Ha ha. Thank you

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