How to Make a Small Pom Pom with a Fork

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how to make a pom pom using a fork

A quick and easy tutorial.

How to make a small pom pom with a fork!


I needed some pom poms for a little craft activity I was doing the other week, so I whipped them up in literally minutes using this cool technique. Thought you might like to know how too. I’m on the look out for a giant fork now, one of those ones you find hanging on the wall in old 70′s retro style homes (or maybe at Grandma’s place?).  Imagine how quick and easy it would be to make BIGGER pom poms using that!  Anyone spot one of these in my local vicinity, be sure to shout out to me, quick smart.


How to make a small pom pom with a fork!

Photos, left to right.

how to make a pom pom using a fork pm1

1. Find your fork, and your favourite ball of wool.

2. Hold the end of the wool with your thumb, then wrap the prongs of the fork about 20 times, or as many times as you need to get the thickness of pom pom you would like.

3. When you finish wrapping, cut the wool.  Thread a 10 cm length of the same wool onto an embroidery needle.

how to make a pom pom using a fork pm2

4. Place the needle in through the middle prong hole, around the back of the wool, and come through the gap in the fork prongs at the tip of the fork in the same window.

5. Remove the needle, and tie the two loose ends together. Be sure to pull the wool into the centre of the fork as TIGHT AS YOU CAN!

6. Slip the wool bundle off the fork.

how to make a pom pom using a fork pm3

7. Take a very sharp pair of scissors and snip through the loops on the left and right sides.

8. Fluff out the wool into a ball-ish shape, and use the scissors to trim and shape your pom pom as necessary.

9. Use your pom pom in your next project fun!  Want to see what mine was for? Click the link below.


How to make a paper napkin holder using a fork-made pom pom!


Aren’t they just the sweetest, simplest thing? I love a pom pom. And these ones would be great for so many quick, child-friendly crafts too. Pom pom bedroom bunting, anyone?

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  1. Felicity St John

    really love this. My way of making pom poms is way too laborious.

  2. Julie

    wow !! snowman army in the mkniag!! looks amazing – well done you!nice to have you back again, missed you while you were busy sorting and getting organised!juliexoxo

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