3D Christmas Tree card DIY Tutorial and Christmas song for children

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First, cut out three rectangles of your favourite scrapbook paper.
Rectangles should be about 6cm by 11cm.


Place paper one on top of the other and fold in along the long side.
(Note: if you use double sided paper, the pattern on the inside of the  fold is the one that will be seen)


Cut out a template of a ‘half tree’ as shown.
Be sure that the base of the tree is substantial to support the weight of the tree top.


Trace this template onto the folded card, with the mid-tree line against the folded edge.


Cut it out.


This is what it will look like when done.


Turn one piece over and cover it with glue.


Attach the other two ‘trees’ (folded in half as shown) to the base.



Then, cover the two final tree halves with glue and stick them together.
Your tree will now stand up, straight and tall.


(The red dots are supposed to represent apples!)

And here is a song to go with it!
(To the tune of I’m a little teapot- Author unknown)

I’m a little pine tree, tall and straight
Let’s find some things so we can decorate
First we must put a star on top
Add baubles and stars and shiny spots
Hang on all the tinsel, shiny and bright
Hook on the canes and hang them just right
Finally put some presents under the Christmas tree
And it will be ready for you and me!

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