How to make a cute origami envelope for tiny treasures: seeds, money, crystals, gemstones

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I often need a teeny envelope. Do you?
Something for a few golden coins, or seeds, or paper tags or just a sweet note.
Here is one you can make from one square of paper.



Turn the sheet over, so the blank side is facing you, then fold it in half on the diagonal as shown.


Fold the top point back until it reaches the bottom edge.


Fold the right side over about 1/3 of the way, and make a crease.


Fold the left side over about 1/3 and make a second crease.


Turn back the bottom point on itself, as shown.
Gently slip your finger into this small triangle and open it out.


Press this new square flat to make a catch for the envelope’s lid.


Fold the top point of the lid down and tuck the point into the catch.
(The fold should match the horizontal line that can already be seen inside the envelope).


Fill your envelope with your treasures.



We glued a little punched out tag to the front.
Once your envelope is filled, you can also glue the point into the catch to ensure it won’t come loose.
Happy treasure finding!

7 Responses to “How to make a cute origami envelope for tiny treasures: seeds, money, crystals, gemstones”

  1. Shannon

    Thank you…I’ll have to make some teeny tiny ones for the tooth fairy ~ her stocks are running low.

  2. Amber Greene

    Yes, this would be just the right size for little teeth, The tooth fairy would be so grateful for your storage help! :) I’m sure.

  3. Manja

    Very lovely and useful envelope.

    I admire your creative ideas and work.

    I am happy that you share them with us. I am looking forward to every your post. Unfortunately, I live far far away (Slovenia, Europe) to join your groups.

    Kind regards,

  4. Amber Greene

    Hi Manja
    Thank you. Great to have you visiting. Slovenia, you might be my first reader from there! Thanks so much for popping by! Amber

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