How to make a Origami ‘Chatterbox’ sweet/lolly or stationery holder

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I’m always looking for sweet ways to display my things, whether it be food, or treats, or gifts. Moondew mama’s made one of these for their families and we filled them with the yummy treats we had been making over the past two weeks- coconut ice, peppermint bark, cacao slabs too.

Smaller versions of these became the place settings for the children on the Christmas Day lunch table, filled with rainbow coloured smarties ( for foreign readers- smarties are an Australian version of  ”m and m’s”).  What a treat!
The children’s ones were mini versions made from 15cm square paper, and I made a little ‘flag pole’ that sat in the centre of this, instead of the ribbon.  I made these two hand carved stamps from a design in one of my hand carved stamps books,  stamped the images on plain white card, then attached them to half a skewer stick.  The child’s name was written on the back of their reindeer or tree card. The flag took the place of the ribbon carrier.
This is how to make them, no matter what size paper you begin with.
Firstly, take a 12″ square of paper (normal scrapbook size) and fold it in half. Make a crease line.
Then, in half again.
(Please note change of paper- the green pattern above has now morphed into plain green!)
Choose which design you want for the INSIDE of your sweet holder.  This is the colour/pattern you will see most of.
I have chosen the balls/stars below.
Ensure that this pattern is facing up towards you to start these next steps.
Now, Fold the four corners into the centre point.
Flip the paper over and fold these four corners into the centre.
Now, fold this square in half.
(The newest folds will remain on the outside of this fold)
Now, gently manoeuvre your forefinger of both hands under the two corner paper flaps at the back, and your two thumbs into the paper flaps at the front. (I’m only showing one hand here, but both at the same time is preferable)
Use your fingers to push the paper corners to the middle.
Turn it upside down and gently tap the tip of the ‘chatterbox’ on the table to flatten the top so it can stand independently.
To attach a ribbon:
Use a skewer stick to make a threading hole for the ribbon.  Thread a length of ribbon about 12cm long onto the needle and thread it through the holes.
Tie a knot to secure it.  This also helps the sweet holder to retain shape.
This sweet holder can also be used for confetti or bonbonierre at weddings, for flower blossom or seedpod collecting,  Easter egg hunts (small chocolate or carob eggs preferably) or for my favourite thing in the world- little bits of stationery such as paper clips, and tacks.
Have you any other ideas????
Let us all know here!!
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8 Responses to “How to make a Origami ‘Chatterbox’ sweet/lolly or stationery holder”

  1. Kristy

    I used to make these with my friends when I was young!! My daughter and I just made one a few minutes ago after reading your post and she now has it proudly sitting on her little table in her playroom. She told me it is for putting treats in- for the fairies. Thanks Amber :)

  2. HMG

    What fun, what fun! Brings back many memories of my childhood too … thanks!

  3. Deb

    Thanks Amber! I have been thinking of these recently, wanting to make one for my Lily, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember how! Amazing how you can forget something done so often as kids. :o )

  4. james

    This was wonderfully helpful. My little daughter and my mum were trying to make one of these (an origami chatterbox) using some instructions in a book, but couldn’t quite get the last bit to work. Your fantastic pictures helped us to work out, so many thanks! :-)

  5. Penelope Lennon

    thanks for the inspiration for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party table! these will look cute with sweets inside.

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