How to make a paper carry bag necklace for baby dolls

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I love simple paper crafts and this was one that I have borrowed my son’s kindy.  These little paper carry bag ‘necklaces’ take seconds to make but have a multitude of uses.  They can carry itty bitty dolls like this pipe cleaner doll, or be used to collect crystals or nature treasures, or to transport a few special coins to the shops on a food shop/buy a treat day. But the limits of this little paper craft are never-ending…

fold a square in half1

 1. You’ll need a piece of sturdy paper, 15cm square. I snaffled one of my 4 year old son’s unwanted paintings and cut it from this.  Painting paper of 150 grams is perfect. Fold the square in half on the diagonal like so.

fold a flap 2

2.  Fold the left hand tip over until the point reaches the other side, keeping a horizontal line along the top. Turn the paper over.

fold a flap 3

3. Repeat step 2. Your paper now looks like this.

fold top flap over4

4. Fold one piece of the top tip down over the horizontal line.  Flip the paper over and repeat on the other side.

This lid holds the entire bag in place.  
origami cup shape5

5.  To work out where to punch the holes for the handle, open up the carry bag and imagine the shape like this. Use a hole punch to create a hole in the top right hand corner as illustrated.  Turn the paper over, and repeat in the same spot on the other side.rainbow wool

 6. For the carry handle, you will need a length of thick wool.  This 20 ply hand-painted wool comes from Indigo Inspirations and is just perfect!  Cut a metre length. But you can also use a 12 ply rainbow wool and finger knit it to thicken it up, as below.

origami basket holder6

7.  Tie a knot at the end of your wool and thread it through the hole toward the outside painted surface.   Repeat on the other side.  Then refold the carry bag back to step 4.

origami paper bag necklace6

8.  The knots will sit inside the finished carry bag, mostly out of sight.


All that is left is for your child to fill it!

I wonder what they will use the carry bag for?  Can you tell us?

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