How to make a rainbow star window decoration using wax paper

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I’ve been wishing on a few stars lately.
Just asking and hoping and begging for signs that might give me some clues on my next steps forward.
Stars are so humble aren’t they, but they often carry the weight of our hopes and dreams.
They are quite special really.  Don’t you think?
I like to bring stars into my home.
A few weeks back, I needed something to brighten up my living areas and this star has been just the thing. I glued it to my kitchen window and every morning, the sun streams through it.
It makes me smile every single day!
(It seems to make the flies smile too. They are drawn to it and keep getting caught)
If you want to make your very own eight-pointed star, you’ll need some wax paper squares.
(Also known as kite paper).
I have used one sheet of each colour to make a rainbow, but you can mix and match how you like.
Follow the same steps for each sheet of paper.
Firstly, fold the square in half, then fold both sides in as shown above to make a kite shape.
Swivel the paper kites so that the single layer now faces downwards.
Dab a bit of glue under the two flaps and press them down to seal the kite shape.
This is what you’ll have, 8 paper kites ready for the last step.
Place the red kite on the table. Dab glue onto the red kite in the right bottom corner only.
Place the orange kite on top of the red one as shown.
Swivel the orange kite so that it is now the top kite.
Repeat this step with each colour of the rainbow until you land back at the beginning.
(Red, orange, marmalade, yellow, lime green, dark green, blue, pink)
Turn your star over and attach to your favourite sunny window with a tiny dob of clear glue.
(It will simply peel off when you are done looking at rainbows… that’s a strange concept really. Is anyone ever really done looking at rainbows? )
A rainbow star for you to enjoy.
Pop back tomorrow for my first Christmas craft, a Star Christmas candle holder originally created by my friend Jen.

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  1. Katrina R.

    I love stars too! Hence my star tattoo (that I got in Brazil when I was 19)! I’d like to make some of these. Where can I buy the paper?

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