How to make an Easter egg basket from paper: a how-to tutorial

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 How to make an Easter Egg basket from Paper

origami box for easter egg hunt

With Easter only just over three weeks away, you might just be needing a quick and easy Easter Egg basket to make with your children in preparation. This one is made of paper, and was inspired by Ned’s Easter kindergarten gift from last year.

easter origami box 1

You need two pieces of paper, one for the basket base, (30 cm by 30 cm, or larger)  and one for the handle (9 cm by 30 cm).

(You can see I was experimenting with size on a piece of Ned’s orange-coloured painting to ensure the base of the basket was big enough)

easter origami box 2


With the handle, simply fold the piece into three, lengthways.

For the box base, you’ll need to follow these toothfairy keepsake box instructions. (But only on one piece- no lid required.)  The measurement of the box will be approximately 9.5 cm by 9.5 cm, large enough for all kinds of Easter treats.

easter origami box 4

When you have folded up and glued your box in place, take a sharp needle and push it through one side of the box like so to position the handle.

easter origami box 5

Then push the needle through the handle strap too, keeping the handle on the interior of the box.

easter origami box 6


Remove the needle and push a fancy ‘brad’ (paper fastener) through the holes of both the box and handle to secure.

Repeat on the other side.  (My fancy orange-jewelled brads come from Stampin’ Up. but most craft stores and some variety stores will keep a stash too.  You can also find ‘themed’ brads in all kinds of shapes such as trees, love hearts, and leaves too. Keep an eye out and grab them when you can.)


origami box for easter egg hunt

Fill your box with a soft cushion (fleece, cotton wool, scrunched up tissue paper, shredded paper…) and prepare for the Easter Egg fun!  You never know what might end up in the basket.


(These chickens were made by my friend Kyla for Ned’s 3rd birthday. Aren’t they sweet? They are simply a square of yellow knitting 10 cm by 10 cm, folded in half on the diagonal, stuffed with wool, and embellished with a felt beak and stitched eyes.)

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