Peekaboo love heart note card DIY tutorial

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Are you planning on leaving a love note anywhere on Valentine’s Day?
Here is a simple way to make a love heart peekaboo card to surprise your favourite loved ones.
I’ve just made 36, one for everyone of my Moondew children,
and one for my husband and two children too!
Shhh, don’t tell!
You’ll need a template to help cut the peekaboo window.
You can use either of these templates.
The first template, as shown at top, is a loveheart to match your card.  Use a sharp stanley knife to cut a shadow into the heart to make the ‘peekaboo’ window. Leave at least 1cm on the border for strength.
The second template (bottom left) is half of the heart, with a second window cut out. You can trace the outline of the window onto your hearts, but remember to only cut the curve. (Not the straight line in the centre)
Choose whichever method is easiest for you.
The peekaboo piece that we will glue onto the back of the card is simply half of the heart, as shown on bottom right. You’ll need one of these per card.
Cut the shadow line on the heart card.
See the piece lift!  Fold it towards the left to make a crease line.
Now, put glue all the way around the edge of the peekaboo piece.
Press the heart shape onto the peekaboo piece.
(Lift the window so it doesn’t accidently get stuck!)
Now, write your love message in the window!
This one, for M, says, “Your smile lights up the room!”
But you can write whatever message you like!!
Add a ribbon, some sparkly love hearts and glitter for a fun treat!

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  1. Amber Greene

    Thanks Nina. I do love felting, the real handmade stuff, not the stuff we are starting to see here in some of the homewares shops, all synthetic and yuk!

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