Surprise Snail Mail Love in the letterbox

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Gosh, how we missed our Moondew friends, Ned and I.
I am so happy our friends are back!
Ned helped me to make a little Welcome Back postcard and we sent them to all our Moondew friends.
How lovely is it to receive something other than a bill in the postbox????
What was the last non-bill thing you received?

4 Responses to “Surprise Snail Mail Love in the letterbox”

  1. Shannon

    I was just posting about mail yesterday, I do love a letter or parcel especially for me. I bet it lights the faces of those who open them.

  2. Dionne

    Amber it was truly lovely! Especially as the children are the first to the letterbox each afternoon and are SO excited if they get to open something themselves. This is just one of the many gorgeous and thoughtful things that makes Moondew a treasured part of our week! We love you Amber! Thank You!!! P.S. Zahri’s celebration yesterday was just perfect – I feel so blessed that she is having these experiences as she grows! Mmwwaa!!

  3. Amber Greene

    Oh, total shivers as I read your comments today!!
    Shannon, I’m off to read your post now.

    Thank you Dionne, I love you both too!!

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