Valentine Tea cup tags DIY tutorial

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I’m a BIG fan of secret love notes, and not-so-secret love notes too. I love treasure hunts, and scribed messages hidden in lunchboxes and briefcases and I adore livening up our daily moments with simple fancies too.  Valentine’s Day is coming up.
Why not make your love well-known with a Valentine teacup tag too?
I saw this ‘wreath’ pattern idea in one of my Japanese crafting books. I thought the wreath idea would go perfectly with my Valentine tag. I already had a little ‘leaf’ handcarved stamp that I use in many projects.  I’ll show you how.
Firstly, use a punch to cut out a paper tag. (Any shape you have will do)
Draw a little teardrop shape on a piece of rubber eraser.
Use a speedball tool to carve a channel around the outline of the teardrop shape.
Run the tip of a carving blade (from any good stationery or scrapbooking shop) in the channel to loosen up the rubber.  Slice a layer of rubber about 3mm thick from the rubber around the shape.
Press your stamp into ink and make an impression on a bit of scrap paper. Slice away any rubber that is impacting upon your design. (You’ll see this on your design as the ink will highlight it)
Once your shape is perfected, trim the sides of the rubber.
Dip your stamp in green ink and press down around the outside edge of your paper template.
Add your message.
A note of love, or a quote.
I love quote books and am forever scanning them for things that delight me.
Thread a needle with baker’s twine and push the needle through the paper tag.
Tie it onto the cup.
Teacup Love.

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