A selection of handmade waldorf craft ideas and the “Something from nothing” theory

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I find crafty inspirations everywhere, and Steiner school fetes offer a wonderous selection of ideas and goodies to take home.
I love this Candle holder.
Seven friends holding hands around the candle, a vision of a brightly coloured rainbow.
What a great seed of an idea for Advent….
I can’t resist a magic wand, in this case a flower one.
Perfect for last week’s butterfly game!
On Saturday, at our Regional Meeting (I’ll post more soon!), Sandra spoke of a Jewish fairy tale she loves called “Something from Nothing”.   It is a philosophy that I love, and that speaks to me of the essence of an imaginative childhood.
Here is one of those magical “something from nothing’s”- a gnome for Ned from a short piece of knitting, a gumnut seedpod and a fluff of wool, all tied together with a fingerknitted thread.
There were my favourite matchbox gnomes, such great stocking fillers if you are beginning to think about Christmas ideas
(I know!!! It is just around the corner AGAIN!)
And pocket gnomes
and teeny wooden cars and vans.
I am always on the lookout for tiny timber simple cars and trucks that fit into the palm of a child’s hands.
Ned quickly sequestered the Concrete truck and the Tow truck ones away before I could take a pic.
A mouse bookmark.  Cute as pie!


and more silk threads….



bought from the Samford Valley Treehouse shop to add to my overflowing stash.
Craft is really my money-draining addiction!
Is it yours too?

9 Responses to “A selection of handmade waldorf craft ideas and the “Something from nothing” theory”

  1. Ronnie

    ohhh what treasures you found. I particularly like the rainbow gnome candle holder. My boy-o would love it to – he loves anything rainbow.Cant wait for the local Steiner school spring fair.

    I totally agree about craft draining you money. two weeks ago i went along to my local feltmakers meeting and came away with quite a stash of roving. The good news is that it is already being put to use making playscapes and rug in preparation for Christmas.

  2. momma rae

    yes, it is mine, too. both supplies and crafted goodies that others have made. i have been wanting to make that gnome candle ring! so cute. what do you do with the silk thread? so curious!

  3. Shannon

    Nice shopping Amber, tho it looks like you might have arrived as stock was getting low!
    I did a tutorial for the candle gnomes which is here -http://motherrhythm.blogspot.com/2010/04/wednesday-craft-group_27.html
    and it was also featured at rhythm of the home blog here -http://rhythmofthehome.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/couldnt-we-all-use-a-celebration/

  4. Amber Greene

    Thank you Shannon for the tute link! I am heading there now!

    I took the pics later in the afternoon but did make sure to purchase stuff just after 12. It was my first stop!!! Go, the craft shop mama’s who make all these wonderful things!

    Ronnie- I also have loads of fleece roving- I use it for workshops, my Create course and my own felting work and for Moondew crafts too, but it is like magic as it never seems to go down….

    Momma Rae- i love silk for lots of things. I use it as an embellishment for all kinds of felting work, on pipe cleaner dolls and toys and sometimes like ribbon to tie up gifts. My favourite thing is to use it in nature landscapes as it really brings out the colours of the earthy elements.

  5. Kathy Modeen

    I am a grandma with non of my own at home. but Always looking for something meaningful for the grandkiddos. Waldorf everything is new to me, but I think it is going to quickly become my addiction too. Growing up poor we learned something from nothing real quick. My doll houses were traced in the dirt with rock furn. berry food, etc. Little tiny things are my passion, although I do favor a larger waldorf doll I have my eyes on. If I can figure out how I can read your post on the internet I will be following you. (new to internet as well, lol). I I love your tiny gnomes and am going to try to copy this tonight. Thank you, Kathy

  6. Amber Greene

    HI Kathy
    It really is all about returning to simple values and ‘something from nothing’. Glad you stopped by. Would love to see your gnomes! Happy crafting.

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