DIY Satin Flower Brooch or Hair Pin tutorial by Dionne Coburn

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A week ago, my friends and I celebrated another Crafternoon.
This time, it was Dionne’s first time to host.
She led us on a journey to make Satin Flower Brooches or Hair Pins.
Here is the DIY tutorial, just for YOU!
Satin Flower Brooch or Hair Pin Tutorial
Firstly, you need to cut out some circles in all different sizes from your favourite satin, lace or voile (or any pretty fabric you love) offcuts in all kinds of colours.
(Old clothes, and op shop finds are good sources of material for this task)
Dionne cut circles in 9cm, 7.5cm, 6cm, 4.5cm and 3cm diameters approximately.


You’ll also need one tealight candle per person, matches to light the candle and a selection of hair clips or brooch backs too.


Dionne also cut green leaf shapes from satin too, for those who wanted to add a bit of greenery to their work.
The first step is to lay out your design by picking colours and laying one circle onto another until you have your desired colour blend and shape.


To make the flower, light the candle and place it on a plate.
Gently scald (burn) the very tip or edges of your chosen circular piece of fabric, all the way around.
WARNING: BE VERY CAREFUL IN THIS TASK so you don’t burn yourself or others.**
Also, this part of the task must be done in a WELL-VENTILATED area to avoid inhaling any fumes.


Some fabrics sizzle more quickly than others.
Our aim is just to lightly seal the edges so that the material begins to curl upward.
If your fabric loses its round shape, choose another piece and begin again.


When your circles have all been sizzled, you can reassemble the design and add a few colour-matched beads or buttons.  Thread a needle and stitch the flower together, coming up through the back and threading through the beads to hold the entire flower together in place.




Here are some colour blends to inspire you.





Don’t you just love it?
I can just see myself sitting down making a whole colour family of these for my hair and clothing.
You too?
**ParentingFunEveryday or Amber Greene takes no responsibility for any injuries or burns that may occur from this activity.  The activity is undertaken entirely at your own risk.  Please be careful if you do decide to make one of these lovely brooches. 

2 Responses to “DIY Satin Flower Brooch or Hair Pin tutorial by Dionne Coburn”

  1. Christina

    I have made a lot of these this past week. I was wondering if the fumes from the material has ever made you sick? I stopped for a couple days and feel better. I’m not sure if its a coincidence or not.

  2. Amber

    I’ve only ever made them once at the crafternoon, so no. But I’d be making them sitting on a porch or somewhere where there is plenty of fresh air flowing just in case. Dionne has never had a problem and she has made plenty. Hope you feel better soon. :)

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