Embroidery Hoop Art Template Preparation

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I love a blank slate for creative inspiration, and I adore cheap and cheerful crafts too.  Embroidery hoop art meets all these necessary requirements.  Right now, my creative brain is in washing machine mode- agitating the dirt to make way for fresh, new ideas.  Maybe yours is too?
But we can prepare for the new fruits of our imaginations, can’t we?  We can.  And by preparing not just one, but a few empty slates for our creative reckonings might just be the push we need to get through the spin cycle and out in the glorious sunshine.  Imagination, come forth.
To make embroidery hoop art, we need a calico foundation.

Calico is a sturdy material but the pale colour can play havoc with our finished design.  We don’t want to see wispy bits of thread, any dodgy mistakes or have our designs pulled out of shape do we?  (Not that we’d ever make a mistake of course. Hee hee.)  These problems are easy fixed.
Simply buy a one-metre* length of iron-on adhesive (fusible interfacing) from your local fabric shop and heat up your iron.   (Interfacing is used in most sewing patterns to stiffen or steady fragile fabrics)
Grab a stash of embroidery hoops.  Craft shops sell them new for $2- $4 but you can pick them up from most opportunity shops undamaged for 50 cents to $1, in all sizes.
Iron your interfacing onto a one-metre length of unbleached calico fabric.
Stretch the calico/interfacing fabric over your embroidery hoop and screw the hoop tight.
Trim the majority of the excess fabric from behind the hoop. I trim for the last time after my work is done, but like a little give in the fabric whilst working.
There you have it.  Lots of lovely empty scope for new notions.
What will you put on yours?? 

*One metre of fabric will cover approximately 5-6 large hoops.

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