Felt love-heart pouch basket DIY tutorial

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To make a felt love heart basket or pouch, fold one A4 sheet of 3mm wool felt in half. (The fold should be on the long side).
Place your love heart template as shown at the base of the felt.  Cut a ‘handle’ from the top of the ‘m’ shape to the fold, as shown.
Blanket stitch (see side bar for instructions) from the middle of one side to the middle of the other, heading towards the ‘tip base’ of the heart, and leaving the ‘m’ shape open.
Embellish your heart as desired with buttons, sequins, embroidery etc.
Fill your heart with treasure! In our case, it is a lychee!
Your felt heart pouches are now ready to hang wherever you deem fit!
This is a lychee.  These delicious morsels are native to China, but our climate in Australia is just perfect for them too.  Did you know they are a member of the soapberry family??
If you have never tasted one before, you are in for a treat!
Sweet and juicy white flesh, just waiting to dribble down your chin.
(PS The children today loved them!!)

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