How to make a Felt-covered Christmas shopping notepad

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I’m a big believer in bringing beauty and creativity to even the smallest of things.


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There is no excuse for an ugly notepad in your handbag after this!
Firstly, cut out a piece of felt about 1cm wider than your chosen notepad and with about 1 inch extra length at each end of the book, as shown in the photo above.
I chose red and green, for Christmas themes but you could make these at any time of the year.
Position your book onto the felt and turn over the bottom edge to about 1 inch.
Begin blanket stitching by pushing your first stitch in between the two layers. Tuck the loose end into the fold and out of the way.  I like neat edges!
Remember to take the second stitch back through the first stitch.
This handy tip ensures your first stitch sits flat across the end of the felt, rather than on the diagonal across the felt.


Blanket stitch up the side until close to the other end.
Turn the last inch of felt over to form the second book flap.


Remember to make two stitches on top of one another at the very end.
This gives you a double knot.
Push the needle through the felt and out into a random place.


This ensures your thread ends are cut off neatly and in a tidy fashion, rather than hanging loose.



Children love this task!
Blanket stitch can be mastered by anyone over about 4 years old, and some 3′s can manage it too, even if it is only the odd stitch supported by your help.   “A few stitches a day” is a good rule of thumb for young children. I keep ‘works in progress’ in a little cotton bag or a zip lock bag with their name on it.  If you keep it visible by storing it in a craft basket or on your shelf, they can access it at any time they feel creative.



To decorate, cut out Christmas shapes such as trees, snowmen, reindeer etc.
Glue them on, then secure with stitching through sequins, stars, beads etc.
You might also like to stitch around the perimeter of the shape too, if you have time.
Here are some works in progress from my Moondew mama’s!
A fancy flower star,
and the beginnings of a Snowman.
and a fruit basket.


See, you can do anything!
So much nicer to pull this out of your handbag in the busy Christmas season,
 (rather than a tattered shopping list) don’t you think?!

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  1. Cheryl

    Simple and beautiful idea. My girls are becoming dab hands at blanket stitch, so this might be a tempting project for them.

  2. Amber Greene

    Blanket stitch is seriously the best crafting knowledge to have, isn’t it. Once children/adults can blanket stitch and thread a needle, the sky is the limit! Have fun!

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