Prince and Princess Crown Headbands: A how-to tutorial

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On Friday 6th January, we attended a Royal Gathering, the “Fete des Rois”.
(You can read about our adventure at Lavendilly House)
Of course, one cannot attend a royal gathering without a title or a crown.
Whilst Ned is informally known as Ned, Prince of Books, for this occasion he took a new title.
“Sir Truck-a-lot
Yes, when Ned was asked what he would like on the front of his crown, the standard reply was
“I want an excavator”
You can make your own simple crown too.
Cut a rectangle of felt 30cm by 16cm from your favourite colour.
Fold the felt in half lengthways.
Then in half again as shown.
Start at the high point of the crease fold to cut the tip of your crown.
(Working from the open end towards the long fold)
Cut a series of triangular tips or rounded bells to make your crown shape.
Here are a few suggestions.
Embellish with your design.
Yes, I was “Queen Moontime”, of course.
Cut shapes from felt and use a running stitch to tack the design to top half of the crown template.
Face your designs towards the tip, with the fold below to make sure it will end up the right way.
Add flowers, beads, buttons….
To complete the crown, simply fold the completed design template along the fold and blanket stitch from one end to the other.  Attach a 10cm piece of sewing elastic to one side.
Before you sew up the final end, measure the size of your crown on the Queen or King’s head.
Sew elastic in to fit.
This is the design for Ned’s excavator digging out the dirt from a hole.
By the way, my cheeky monkey was crowned King this year.
Yes, Ned is now “King of Bonogin”

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