Valentine Love Keyring for your Sweetheart DIY Tutorial

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I love you keyring for schoolbag
My little boy starts preschool on Thursday. I think I’m more excited than him. He is going to a really beautiful place and I just can’t wait for him to play in the natural surrounds, listen to delightful stories, cook wholesome organic food, make friends with happy children and fall in love with his teachers.
He is a little nervous though, and so I’ve made him a Valentine Love keyring.  It has a dual function- yep!  Not only does it hold a little photo, it also has space for a secret love note.  You might like to make one for Valentine’s Day which is coming up in just over 2 weeks….
To make your own, cut three small rectangles (6cm by 5cm) from wool felt in your favourite colours- a mix or all the same.  You’ll also need to cut this unusual shape which measures 5cm in width with two triangles cut out from the sides.  Oh, and decorations and embellishments to suit your fancy.
Use a straight stitch to attach your felt design. (Heart flowers and grass are cut from felt)
And embroidery such as bullion knots or stem stitch for the flower stems…
(Don’t panic!! A tutorial on Stem Stitch is coming tomorrow!)
On the design piece, leave enough room at the top for a small cut. This will be the opening for the secret notes.
On another piece, cut the centre out of the felt leaving a 1 cm border.
Test them together in a sandwich like this.  Design piece, middle section, frame.
Thread your shape through a key ring so that the narrow bit sits in the circle.
Use straight stitch to attach the shape to the middle piece of felt only.
Remake the sandwich, then blanket stitch the three pieces together starting at the top left (as shown) and continuing around the two sides and the base only.
Blanket stitch along the open seam, then fill your secret pocket with a lovely note.  (What will your lovely note say??)
Cut a photo to size and pop that in the other side.  Once your photo is in place, use a whip stitch to seal the opening too.
Attach it to your loved one’s lunch tin, briefcase, handbag, school bag or button hole.
I just love LOVE made visible.
Don’t you?
What lovey dovey things are you up to this week?

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  1. Natalie

    What a beautiful idea! I think I will make one for my son who starts kinder this Friday.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s uber cute. Saskia’s just started Junior Kindy and she is loving it. Her carers are absolutely beautiful and interact with consciousness, love and experience. Fliss

  3. Amber Greene

    Yay!! So happy she liked it. She is such a darling, everyone will fall in love with her Fliss. Miss you heaps!!

  4. Amber Greene

    Oh, don’t you just love postbox surprises. I love them even if I’ve paid for them! So pleased the chicks arrived safe and sound. Christina is such a gem.

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