Starting Your Own Family Day Care NSW or QLD with Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care

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Starting Your Own Family Day Care NSW or QLD

Become an educator with Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Pty Ltd


If you love to be around children and would love the chance to work from home, starting your own family day care is definitely something to look into.

At Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care, our educators are striving to offer a professional service that delivers quality big-hearted childcare that is way beyond the norm.

Our educators are supported to offer seasonal curriculums, and we help, support and guide educators to work in this way, as it makes your work (and your interactions with the children) much more meaningful, purposeful, and in tune.

We offer SUPER FUN “creative booster” training and professional development opportunities with a full day’s yummy organic food and beverages created by our Field Coordinator (and in-house masterchef!) Victoria, plus lots of other opportunities to meet up with fellow educators, plan and prepare together, share resources and ideas, and honestly, just enjoy the vocation you have chosen.

You will spend your day with the children crafting, baking, gardening, singing, moving, dancing, exploring story, storytelling, supporting imaginative play and engaging in ‘home’ tasks such as cleaning, cooking, washing windows, sweeping etc. It is a LOVELY life our educators have, and most of them cannot believe it is their JOB!

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, you’ll need to take these points into consideration.

Start Up Costs


You may need to make some adaptations or modifications to your residence before it is legally suitable to run a family day care service.  Having said that, we have only ever found one property that was not suitable. Many homes can be transformed into a family day care space  with little effort.

The most important things that need to be in place include fencing your outdoor area (or a small portion of your outdoor area if you are on acreage), safety glass updates if necessary, and things that may impact upon the child’s health and safety  (eg childproof locks on doors if you face road frontage, safety latches on cupboards and fridges, stair gates, etc.)  Our field coordinator can help you determine what needs to be done and where to source help or tradespeople if you need it.



All Family Day Care educators must now be in possession of a Certificate III in Children’s services (or equivalent or above.)  If you do not yet have formal training, don’t despair. We can help you find the right training organisation too.

You must also have your current CPR and First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Emergency Management training, Child protection training (usually a part of your Cert III), and a Blue Card or Working with Children check.  (or have the ability to gain these things.)

For us, more important than qualifications is your ATTITUDE.


We don’t just register anyone. We work hard to grow and develop our educators and we want to know that all our team members see their work as their professional contribution to early childhood education. We also invite all possible new team members to get to know our current educators before you start. This way, you can develop friendships and collegial relationships with those who do the same work as you. Our educators LOVE this as they can share resources, tips, ideas, strategies, songs, crafts, games, etc too. Getting together each month for a Creative Booster training session is a highlight.

Earning Potential and Tax Deductions


While we can’t go into too much detail here, our educators are earning considerable salaries that put them on par with teacher wages but they have the benefit of working in small groups of just four children. Imagine the learning that takes place here each day!  Our educators are self-employed and pay the scheme a levy to facilitate training, support (field visits), money management, and administration.  The educator levy is tax deductible.

Our educators have few outgoings compared to normal jobs. No fuel costs (or battling traffic each day!), no uniforms, no lunches or coffees just to get through the day. They can also claim tax deductions for lots of things – a portion of their rent, telephone costs, internet, and electricity; stationery and work-related books, craft materials (YES!), and work-related food costs. We encourage all our educators to use the best ingredients when cooking with children or providing menus  (eg organic, farmer’s market, local produce etc) and do offer our educators access to wholesale providers to source these things. Most of our educators are food-conscious, meaning they take care with what they and the children eat. We encourage all educators to align with this goal as it is one of our key points of difference in the family day care marketplace also.


If you would like more information about starting your own family day care service in one of our locations,

(Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, regional QLD, Byron Bay – Tweed Heads, regional NSW, or Sydney,

please call Victoria on 0488 369139.


Or contact us via email:

We look forward to talking with you soon!




4 Responses to “Starting Your Own Family Day Care NSW or QLD with Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care”

  1. Carly

    Hi I was wondering if you have any family day care near parramatta in NSW? Thanks Carly

  2. Amber Greene

    Hi Carly
    Nothing in Sydney yet. But we are hopeful for 2017. If you like, you can enter your details via the link on the home page for enrolment and pop on our waitlist. Ignore the bit about the $60 enrolment fee. We only charge that if and when we find you a suitable educator. No need to give us bank details etc. Just phone, email, address, etc. Basic stuff and you’ll go into our system. THanks again. Amber

  3. Verena Koch

    Hi, where can I get info about the costs involved in joining your organisation. I’ll be based in Lismore and hope to start later this year, hopefully by June

  4. Amber Greene

    Hi Verena I’ve just passed your details onto Victoria, our field coordinator. THanks again for contacting us.

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