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The three most important stitches that I use are Blanket Stitch, Gathering/Straight Stitch and Back Stitch. When I worked in the kindergarten, these were the three essential skills they needed to tackle just about any crafty challenge. If 4 and 5-year-olds can master it, then anyone can. Yay for easy crafty expertise!


This is back stitch.



Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end, leaving a one-inch tail. For this example, we’ll make a stitch about 1cm in length but as long as the stitches are even, you can make your stitch any size.¬†Generally, the finer the material and the more detailed the work, the smaller the stitch. Bring your needle up through the fabric.



Take one ‘jump’ forward and dive the needle back into the fabric.



Come up again, about 1cm in front of the last stitch.



Then, jump the tip of the needle ‘backwards’, hence back stitch, so that the tip of the needle just touches the previous stitch and almost re-enters the fabric through the same hole.



Repeat this step to continue sewing…



And jump back…



On the second example, my stitches are each only 1/2 cm in length. And you can go even smaller too. Right down to millimetre jumps.



You can use backstitch in straight lines, or circles, or underlining, or outlining your favourite pencil designs on fabric, in all kinds of colours.


Sewing. Such fun!

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