Spider Web, or Rose, Stitch tutorial

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Another embroidery stitch I love is the ‘Spider Web’ or ‘Rose’ stitch.



Simply find the place on your material where you wish to place the spiderweb/rose. Thread a needle with a long piece of cotton and bring it up from underneath the fabric. The knot at the end of your string will stop the thread coming right through. Take a step across the fabric about 1.5 cm in width and jump back through, leaving the tension loose on the thread.



Come up again from below, half way along the length of the horizontal line but about 1/2cm below.



Re-enter the fabric a good cm below, making a vertical line with the thread.



You’ll end up with a Y shape like this.



Come up at the midpoint of the Y shape and make a stitch about 1.2 cm long,re-entering the fabric on the left side midway between the angle.



Repeat on the other side.



Now you have a 5 pointed star shape. Bring the needle and thread up again at the midpoint of the star.



Now, work with your needle and thread on the top side of the fabric only. Weave your way around, under and over the arms of the star like this. Under, then over. Under, then over.



You will begin to wind up the thread on what now looks like the beginning of a web or rose.



Continue until you complete your spider web/rose which is when you have reached the end, or almost the end, of each arm of the star shape.



You can make multicoloured spider webs by using one colour for the web structure, and another for the weaving. Or perhaps green for the star shape with red weaving for a rose.


Roses like little leaves made with satin stitch too.


What do you use Spider Web/ Rose stitch for? 

4 Responses to “Spider Web, or Rose, Stitch tutorial”

  1. fairyluver

    i love the way this stitch comes out..I just added a couple on a dress that I knitted for my daughter. They come out so cute and they are so easy to make!!

  2. DaffodilAngel

    I have used these on wool embroidery projects, ie with wool yarn on wool fabric, and they turn out beautifully and thank you for your wonderful posts on embroidery. I am really enjoying reading them. :)

  3. Amber Greene

    Aren’t they just? Oh, I can imagine they would look so cute on a knitted dress. Sweet indeed.
    And with wool yarn on wool fabric. Now, that has got me thinking about making a lovely wool fabric book cover…. mmm, let me see about that! I’d love to see your work. Have you blogged it? or can you maybe send me a pic? amber.greene@hotmail.com If you do, may I link to it or add it to this post? Pretty please?? :)

  4. Amber Greene

    By the way, there is method to the madness. I have some projects coming up for which you’ll need these stitches!! Sneaky really. Don’t you think?

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