Star Stitch tutorial

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star stitch
I often like to make little quick embroidery stitches on my projects. The Star Stitch is one of my favourites. Of course it is, my former blog identity wasn’t MamaMoontime for no reason!  Night skies and stars are my world. Yours too?



Just thread a needle and be sure to tie a knot in the end of the thread. Come up from underneath the material and jump back down about 1cm in front.



Come up again, this time on the left hand side of the vertical line about half way up and 1/2 cm out.



Take the stitch across the vertical line and re-enter the material about 1/2 cm past the midline on the right side. This will make a horizontal line



For the diagonal, come up on the top left as shown and jump across to the bottom right. Make this stitch slightly longer than the previous two.



Repeat on the other side.



Again a slightly longer jump than the first two.



To finish off, do two tiny baby stitches one after the other at the midpoint. The idea is to secure the centre point of the cross to hold the star in place.



Happy Star making!

What do you use star stitch (or by any other name) on? 

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