Whip (saddle) stitch, a step-by-step photographic tutorial

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Whip stitch, also called saddle stitch, is one of those staple, quick and easy stitches that should be in your repertoire.  It can be used to join two pieces of fabric together, to close or seal an area or for decoration too. Here we go.
Hold your two pieces of fabric together.  Thread your needle with a length of cotton, in your chosen colour and tie a knot about 2cm from the end. Bring the needle up through one piece of fabric only, between the two pieces.
Pull the cotton through the material until the knot catches.  Then make a second stitch through the same hole, this time going through both pieces of fabric.  This is your first whip stitch. Pull the needle through completely once again.
For the next stitch, and from here on, come through the fabric on the back side of the material at the same height as your previous stitch exited the fabric. Slant your needle on a diagonal and come up and out through the front of the fabric one step up from the last stitch.  (About 1/2 cm forward)
Pull the thread through and repeat the step.
With each diagonal leap, you will begin whip stitching the seam together like so.  The stitches themselves will remain horizontal as shown. On your last stitch, you’ll do a double stitch. On the double, push the needle through the back of the fabric.  Remain horizontal with your needle and come out at the same point as your previous stitch, no longer working forward or upward. Tie off the stitch out of sight.
Whip stitch is a lovely and useful addition to your stitch guide.  For more stitches, stop by the Stitch Guide category located under MAKE at the top of the page.  Happy sewing…

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