Make your own Winter Wonderland scene with paper snowflakes

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How to make your very own Winter Wonderland

As a girl, living in a sub tropical climate, I dreamed of waking up one day to see snow falling on Christmas Day, even though the temperature on Christmas Day here is typically over 30 degrees Celsius. I will also confess, that even though I now understand snow scientifically, I still catch the myself looking for it every Christmas. So I decided to make my own winter wonderland (even though Christmas is in summer here and I live at the beach).


To make a winter wonderland you will need
* Sticky tape
* Fishing line
* Scrapbooking or other paper


* Small scissors like nail scissors. These make for more intricate designs and easier cutting.
* If you like (not necessary)- Decorative scissors that cut different edges, like the ones you see below.


Are you ready to begin?


If you don’t have time to make kazillions of snowflakes a few look lovely stuck to windows or hanging from hallway or internal doorways. You can also mix up your snowflakes with small paper doilies (in cake decorating shops or party shops) or feathers (craft shop, cheap shops and nature).





1. Find a template for a hexagon which is the size you want your finished snowflake to be. I found this one using Google images. Print it on to cardboard so it will last.

2. Pick some scrapbooking paper that will suit your theme or colours. Trace around the hexagon, and cut this shape out.

3. Fold the hexagon in half.

4. Fold the right 1/3 of the hexagon over the middle third.

5. Turn this shape over, and fold the other third over the middle third.

6. Use a small pair of nail scissors like these ones.

7. Find the corner which is the middle of your snowflake – don’t cut here yet. This will help you find the outside corners. Start cutting from an outside corner.

8. Cut a line inwards towards the middle. This can be any kind of line – curvy, jagged, the silhouette of a tree or other object. Just experiment. Cut inwards bit, by bit.

9. Now start on the other side with a same or different line. Again, start from the outside corner. Cut until you meet up with the other side.

10. Remove the paper you have cut so far.

11. Now you can add more details to your snowflake by cutting out shapes from the side of your triangle. I find making half of the following shapes helpful – leaf, heart, triangle, tree branch, circle and crescent.

12. Do this on the other side – the same or different.
13. Gently open your snowflake.
14. Attach a short length of fishing line to the top of your snowflake with some clear adhesive tape. Make different (but short) lengths of fishing line for each snowflake you make.
15. Hang lines of fishing line across the room, up high. Now stick each individual snowflake with its short piece of fishing line (already attached) and stick the top of your snowflake line to a line you have strung across the room. Do this over and over again along the different lines. In terms of the space between snowflakes – go with what you find visually pleasing and based on how many snowflakes you have made.

Here are some of Felicity’s designs.







Thank you Felicity.
You can almost feel the winter snow, can’t you? Even in the middle of an Australian summer.
I visited Felicity’s house a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to walk into this magical winter wonderland forest.  Oh my!
It took my breath away.
Perhaps you too might make your own Winter Wonderful-land this festive season.
Happy cutting!
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  1. Lion

    Ohh this is AWESOME!! I just tried it out on a piece of scrap paper and while it’s not at all pretty it does show me the eeldnss posibilities! Thanks so much for the folding directions. Do you have any for 6 and 8 pointers as well?? That last one you used for that package is beautiful! Guess who’s going to be making papercut snowflake garlands for christmas decoration hahah! Thanks so much!:)

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