Woodworking ideas for young children with John Elliot

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I love the IDEA of working with wood.
But to be honest, I have no clue. I leave it up to my husband.
But I was intrigued enough to sneak into the woodworking workshop on offer the other week.
John Elliot, a gregarious former school teacher, and woodworker, and all round good guy, was the teacher.  This man is inspirational!
In just four sessions, he gave his participants the confidence to have a go, believing that they couldn’t go wrong AND the skills to start working with wood.
He also gave them the freedom to try something of their own idea. The room was abuzz with energy and drive, I tell you!


Here are a few of his ideas…




Can you guess what these might be used for??


It is the handle for a hand-held sanding grip tool that the children can use.
Can you see the handmade dolly peg that Melissa is working on??
Her own handmade dolly peg!  Gorgeous!




This coffee bean grinder was attached to John’s woodwork bench.
Children use it to grind cinnamon sticks.
You can just imagine the delight when they use their own freshly ground cinnamon on cinnamon butter toast!



Here is the man himself.
John is holding a new invention- a bamboo sling, perfect for carrying knitting needles or ‘gold dust’ or any kind of treasure really. He just used a piece of cork to seal the top, and cut it off just above the natural divider on the bamboo plant.  He suggested adding a string of fingerknitting for a handle.
The children would be real Robin Hood’s then!
Here is a weaving loom.
I love the fact that most of John’s tools can be picked up from garage sales or car boot markets for next to nothing.  ”One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure”, isn’t that the saying??
And the timber is free too!
A real definition of ‘something from nothing’.
There’s more to come….

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  1. Paul Wheeler

    Definitely tons of cool ideas to play around with…I guess a major challenge is to show kids how to work with wood in the safest way possible…thank you again for the lovely ideas…

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