How to make a Knot Chicken using wool fleece fibres

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Sometimes, craft doesn’t have to be a big mammoth task.
In fact, as a mother, we all quickly learn to cultivate the skill of making something out of thin air in 5 minutes flat!

So how do we balance speed and beauty?
For just because something is done quickly doesnt mean it has to look like or feel like a piece of rubbish.
We owe more to our children than that, don’t you think?

I love fleece.  Regular readers of Parenting Fun Everyday all know that!
But really, I don’t know of another natural, lovely-to-work-with medium that is so flexible.

So, here is one quick example.  A ‘knot’ spring chicken, just for you!

Take a piece of carded wool in your desired colour about 25 cm in length and tie a knot in one end, leaving about one inch free at the top.  Be careful how you pull fleece. The trick to tying knots without it coming apart on you is to place your fingers close to the knot and pull hard.
Fold down the wispy tail and catch with your fingers.
Place two fingers behind the fleece as shown.
Twist the length of the wool up behind your fingers and around the ‘neck’ of the wool head towards the right.  Slowly release your fingers from the knot, and make the tip of the wool that you are holding follow the path of the fingers through the hole created there.
Gently tug the tip through and down to the bottom as shown.
Hold the tip and twist the wool 180 degrees.
Now tuck the tip up and over the ‘bottom’ of the chicken.
Tuck the loose tip of wool inside the body.
Here is the completed shape.
Now you can add a simple diamond of red/orange felt for a beak.
Run a stitch through the back of the ‘head’ and catch the beak shape.
Thread the needle back through the felt into the body.
Giving it a little tug will pull the beak into shape.
You can repeat this step a few times.
Endeavour to catch the left side knot to the right side knot to secure the shape and keep it looking like a chicken.



I like simple.
But you can add eyes, feathers, embellishments galore.
Simple though, encourages a child to use their imagination to embellish the creation to fit their play or story.
Of course, with two wings, this could also be a duck.
Add a small piece of ‘grass’ and you can have farm play or a story setting!

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