How to Make a Paper Napkin Ring for Children

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how to make a paper napkin pm


How to make a Paper Napkin Ring that children will love!

Make a bear, or a rabbit, or perhaps create your own fun animal?

With thanks to Staedtler for the opportunity to try these crafty pens. 

It’s hard sometimes to create a happy family mood around the dinner table when it’s the very end of the day, mama’s rushed and busy, dinner is a slog, there’s only Ned, Jack and I, and I just want to sit down in peace. Sometimes, I fail. But dinnertime is really important to me. (It might not look like that at the minute!)  I want to create happy*crafty*family moments for Ned and Jack to remember. So I thought I’d make them a surprise. Something unexpected. See if we could lift the mood a little?

These little cuties are going on our table tonight!  With our yummy tacos. I’ll let you know how we go…

How to make a paper napkin ring with pom pom.

Bunny Rabbit version.

how to make a paper napkin ring 1

1. The first step is to make yourself a simple fork pom pom, one for each paper napkin. I made one rainbow for the rabbit, and one brown pom pom for the bear. Set these aside.

2. The next step is to make your actual napkin ring. You’ll need a strip of white cardboard, 5cm wide by 25 cm long, per paper napkin.

3. I made these ones, but normally I’d be asking the children to colour, shade, add swirls of fabulous patterns and prints, and embellish their own. (But I did have a little bit of fun doing these FOR my kids. It was so lovely to take my time, and make my rainbow order just so! Especially as these Staedtler Noris Club Wax Twisters remind me of being a young girl entering competitions from the Sunday papers. It was just about my favourite thing to do!)

staedtler wax twisters

how to make a paper napkin

 4. I purposely shaded lightly on these, playing around with the texture of the wax crayons. But you can press these quite hard and make a much deeper shade of the colours you like best.

5. Roll the cardboard into a circle that will fit your serviette, leaving a tail at the end for balance.

6. Use a strip of sticky tape (cellotape) to hold the ring in place.

 how to make a paper napkin ring pm3

7. Use a needle to poke two holes in the back of the ring, nearest to the ‘tail’ of card.

8. Thread the extra length of the pom pom onto the needle and take the wool tail through the card. Repeat with second ‘tail’.

9. Tie both ends together to hold the pom pom in place as a ‘tail’ on the back of the rabbit (or bear.)

how to make a paper napkin ring pm4

10. To make the face of the rabbit, draw your template onto some white card. Here is my rabbit face, inspired by Japanese illustrations, on the left. My bear template on the right. ( Pic 12)

11. Use your crayons to gently colour in the face, eyes, and ears of the rabbit. When you are done, fix the rabbit face to the front of the napkin ring with a pretty coloured jewel brad (paper fastener) through the ‘nose’.  Our rabbit now has a lovely pink button nose!


Isn’t she just the cutest thing?

Brown Bear version


For the brown bear version, I used another of Staedtler’s new art products, Gel Crayons. A few weeks back on Instagram, I raved about the new Pink Neon Textsurfer Gel Pens I’d been using to highlight a whole bunch of boring policy stuff. These pens are awesome, so slippery slidey, like nothing else I’ve ever used. So when I opened up these new crayons and found they have a similar texture and feel, along with the sensational slidey thing I love so much, well, new favourite stationery item, HELLO! The gel crayons come in GLITTER and EFFECT COLOURS PASTEL too.

how to make a paper napkin ring

1. Draw and cut your bear template from white cardboard. I used the brown gel pen to fill in the nose area.

2. Baby Jack likes these new pens too!

3. This brown gives such a rich, warm outcome. I LOVE it!  But like an oil pastel, the bear face requires a bit of care as it is FULL of oily colour. I used the blue gel pen for the eyes. And the lighter brown from the wax twisters to shade the rest of the face.

how to make a paper napkin ring

4. I used the brown also for the napkin ring strip.

5. I covered the paper in colour first, then went back over it with more pressure to create a thicker, richer outcome.

6. The gel crayons are so waxy that normal sticky tape wouldn’t hold the ring together. So I used a heavier duty tape and wound it back onto itself. This worked. I then reworked the tail (I had left the underside of the paper lightly shaded), going over it to match the more heavily coated top.

how to make a paper napkin bear

7-9   To put it all together, I added the brown pom pom tail (see step 8 above), and attached the bear face with a brown ‘brad’ (paper fastener).  I wonder which one Ned will like better?  Jack won’t mind. He’ll probably just want to eat it. 

All that is left to do is set the table, and add your napkin!


Happy Mealtimes in the Happy*Crafty*Family household.

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