How to make a wool pom pom using fleece

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Cut a small strip of cardboard, about 10 cm long. The width is up to you.
For a small tail, this card is about 1cm wide.
The final pom pom diameter will be double the width of this card.
Make them as big or small as you like!


Gently, tear strips (1cm wide) of fleece from a sliver.
Aim to keep the strip the same width all the way down.


Begin to wrap the card, starting at one end and working your way down to the other.
If you run out, simply tack the next piece on top of the other one and keep winding.
This is what it looks like when it is completely wound.



Thread a long piece of cotton through a needle and double it.  Tie a knot at the end.


Push the fleece towards one end of the card, then thread the needle under the fleece until the needle comes out the other side.


Put the needle into the ‘loop’ of the cotton and pull the needle tightly.
Push the wool fleece off the card and pull the two ends of the cotton together tightly.
Seal this with a knot.  When it is knotted, you will have a donut shaped piece of fleece.


Cut through the edge of the donut shape, and keep cutting all the way around until you return to your starting place.


Here is a finished pom pom!


Use the extra thread to attach the pom pom to your desired craft, in this case the pom pom becomes the tail of the knitted bunny.  If you want the pom pom alone, snip the thread tails.


And here is one of our finished Rabbits, just for you.
I’d like to introduce Wabbit and her little Z. friend.


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