How to make a gnome hat using ready-made fingerknitting and simple stitching

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how to make a gnome hat 1

How to make a gnome hat. Use up all that fingerknitting!


Here is one idea for the many metres of fingerknitting you will soon have lying about your house! (That is, if you have 4-9 year old children, or inspired mama’s who are intrigued by this new skill)
how to make a gnome hat
Ned was laughing so much as I tried to put it on him for a picture! But this is the hat in full.
how to make a gnome hat
1. Cut a piece of wool felt using the pattern above.
2. Fold the pattern in half, and use blanket stitch to close the seam.
3. When that is done, you’ll have the right shape.
4. Begin at the base and stitch the end of a fingerknitting rope onto the felt.
5. Now gently stretch your fingerknitting out along the base line. Do one full loop.  Pin it in place.
6. Use a running straight stitch to tack the fingerknitting onto the felt.  When you have done a complete loop, begin working your way up the felt template.
7. Keep going until you reach the top, then do a double knot to lock the last piece of rope in place.  Cut the excess rope and be sure to tie a knot in the last piece of finger knitting to stop it unravelling.


Children (4+) are more than able to stitch the fingerknitting onto the felt template, using a running stitch and just following the fingerknitting around and around.

Why not try this little ditty…


Gnomes take steps, one by one,
in and out, and up and down
Follow the path, now you have begun
be sure to smile and not frown!


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  1. Kestrel

    Ooh, I love this idea – we’ve got knitting fever here right now and some of us are fingerknitting. I’d love to make a gnomie cap! Thank you for this.

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