How to Make a Fleece Bunny Rabbit for Easter or Spring.

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how to make a fleece bunny

How to Make a Fleece Bunny Rabbit for Easter or Spring.


Here’s another simple wool fleece tutorial for you all, a sweet little bunny rabbit, just in time for Easter.  I love wool fleece. It’s one of my favourite mediums to work with- so so so many possibilities!

How to make a fleece bunny- just follow these steps! 

fleece bunny 1

1.  Take a piece of wool fleece (sliver) about 30 cm long in your favourite ‘bunny rabbit’ colour.

fleece bunny 2

2.  Tie a knot in the centre.  (Remember to keep your fingers close to the knot when you pull, or risk pulling the fleece apart.)

fleece bunny 3

3.  Pull out a sliver of wool fleece as a thread and use it to tie off the ‘neck’ under the knot.

fleece bunny 4

4.   Turn your wool upside down and spread the wool fibres out. Fold them under themselves and overlap the joins to make a circular shape….

fleece bunny 5

5…. that looks like this.

fleece bunny 6


6.  Thread a needle with matching cotton thread and tie a knot in the end of the cotton, leaving a 3 cm tail to grab hold of when you gather the sewing in.  Run a line of sewing around the circle underneath like this.

fleece bunny tie off 7

7.  Pull in the sewing and gather up the wool fleece to secure the base into a body shape.

fleece bunny body 8


8.  Stand your wool up the right way, like so.

bunny ears 9

9.  Cut a pair of long tear-drop shaped ears from a piece of scrap fleece.  (Mine is two layers- bottom from pink, top from a piece of handmade white with silk threads.)

bunny with felt ears 10

10.  Use a cotton thread to attach the ears to either side of the knot.

fleece bunny tail 11

11.  To make a tail, cut a small piece of cardboard about 1cm wide and 5 cm long.  Gently pull a long strand (about 1cm wide) from a length of your favourite coloured fleece to make the tail. Wrap this strip around and around the cardboard.

fleece bunny tail 12


fleece bunny tail 13

12.  When you finish, thread a needle with a double thread and tie a knot in the end.  Run the needle between the cardboard and the fleece, and then out the other side.  To finish, run the needle back in between the loop of thread near the knot.  Pull this tight to begin gathering, then slip the fibres off the cardboard.

fleece bunny tail 14


13.  Finish pulling in the gather thread and tie off securely to make a ‘flower’ like shape for the bunny tail.

wool fleece bunny complete 15

14.  Use the leftover cotton thread to sew the tail onto the body of the rabbit.

wool fleece bunny complete 16

15.  A very easy but appealing Easter bunny, don’t you think?  I love the simplicity of her shape and gesture. I love that one doesn’t always need to go over the top to create a pictorial impression.  Children (and adults) KNOW this is a bunny, and love her immediately.  
mummy and baby bunnies
  And bunny rabbits need babies!  To make the miniature version, begin with a 10-15 cm strand of wool fleece and follow same instructions.


Will you find a new bunny family hopping around your house this Easter?  We definitely will!

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