How to Make Homemade Chicken Toys

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 How to Make Homemade Chicken Toys

for Imaginative Play or a Nature Table

ned with fleece chicken 2

Easter is gaining on us!  Are you a bit behind on your Easter crafting, or looking for some Easter-inspired craft for your nature table?  Here is an endearing wool fleece chicken you can make in about 20 minutes or so.  Why not make a little Easter chicken family, or sew up a bunch for Easter gifts?

How to make homemade chicken toys or props for storytime? Let me show you how.

wool fleece orange 1

1. First, you’ll need a 30 cm length of wool fleece (sliver) in your favourite ‘chicken’ colour- orange, yellow, brown, white, black…

wool fleece knot 2

2.  Fold the wool fleece in half and gently tie a knot in the centre.  Remember to keep your fingers close to the knot when you pull to tighten or it may break in half.

wool fleece knot off head 3

3.  Gently tease a tiny sliver of wool out from under the knot as a thread, then wrap this thread firmly around the ‘neck’ underneath the knot to make the ‘head’.

wool fleece chicken fold 3

4.  Turn your fleece upside down.  Fold the ends of the fleece under themselves into the centre and use your fingers to gently spread the fibres wide. Try to overlap the fibres at each end so they form a circle.

wool fleece chicken gather underside 4

5.  Use one hand to hold the wool like so.  Use your pointer finger to make a hole in the centre of the body and gently push the fibres into place.  Thread a needle with matching cotton (be sure to leave a tail of thread about 3 cm long behind the knot) and run the needle and thread in a gather-type stitch around the base circle of the ‘body’ to help secure it in place.

wool fleece gather with thread 5


wool fleece gather base 6

6.  When you reach the start, take hold of the two ends of the thread and pull in the gather stitch gently.  Tie a knot to secure it in place.

wool fleece chicken body 7

7.  Your chicken (body with head) should now stand up independently.

wool fleece chicken beak 8

8.  Cut a small triangle from a piece of scrap felt for the beak. (I used orange.)

wool fleece chicken beak 9

9.  Fold the triangle in half like so.

wool fleece chicken beak 10

10. Use small stitches to attach the beak to the front of the head knot.

fleece chicken comb 11

11.  To make the ‘comb’ on top of the chicken’s head, cut out two pieces of red felt like this.

fleece chicken comb sew on 12

12.  Place the two felt templates together and attach them to the top of the knot using tiny stitches along the base.

fleece chicken with comb 13

fleece chicken with comb 14

fleece chicken 15

13.  Here is the side view, front view and back view for you!

fleece chicken wings prep 16

14.  Cut two large teardrop shapes, and two slightly smaller teardrop shapes, from scrap pieces of felt.  Glue the smaller piece onto the front of the larger piece.

fleece chicken wings attached 17

15.  To make sure you glue the top piece on the right side of the base, place your templates up against each side of the chicken.

fleece chicken wings sewn on 18

16.  Secure your chicken wings to the body with a star stitch in the top corner.

fleece chicken eye 19

17.  Attach a bead to either side for eyes.

fleece chicken complete 20

And there you have it.  A twee little chick, just for you!

So, tell me, what are your crafty plans for this Easter?

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