Make your own wool pom-pom filled Easter Tree

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wool pompom tree

I love an Easter tree. Decorated blown eggs on a tree is such a sight to behold.  But last year, I saw an Easter tree I loved even more and this year, I’m so happy to share it with you.  Perhaps you might like to make something similar for home on a smaller scale?

My son’s kindy invited all the children to make a pom-pom using a combination of wool fleece (gently torn into long strands) and knitting wool. For young children who may not have the patience or will to complete a traditional pom-pom made of knitting wool alone, this crafty task gave them a much simpler goal.  Pom-poms don’t have to be finished in a day either but can be simply picked up whenever you have a free moment, and popped back to rest when you run out of time.  Children can be encouraged to wrap ‘one long strand of colour’ or a ‘small ball of knitting wool’.  This visual limit helps them to engage and stick to the task as well, giving them the encouragement and fortitude to succeed, little by little, day-by-day.

wool pompoms prep 16

An inviting display of colourful raw materials helps to gain the attention of little ones (and adults too!). I particularly like their use of gentle colours in pastels.  I tend to be drawn towards the brights but whenever I’m surrounded by these hues, I can’t help but feel myself sliding into a state of relaxation and inner peace.  Don’t you agree?

Making your own wool fleece pom-pom is easy.

Join me for this crafty tutorial.

wool pompom 1

To begin, you’ll need a selection of wool fleece (merino or corriedale), some small balls of knitting wool in a variety of colours, and a cardboard template of two rings.  The diameter of the outer ring will give you a guide to the final dimensions for your finished pom-pom. For example, if you want a 12 cm pom-pom, cut a pair of 12 cm circles. Remember to cut out a centrepiece also in proportion to your outer rim.

You can make pom-poms in whatever size suits:  from 4 cm to 15 cm.  I cut my circles from a cardboard box that was going into my recycling bin.  Cardboard like this is nice and sturdy for this task.

wool pompom 2

To begin, roll some balls of knitting wool small enough to fit through the hole in the centre of the cardboard. Hold the two pieces of cardboard together and tie one end of knitting wool around the double template. Knot it off then start winding your wool through and over the cardboard, around and around, in a clockwise direction until your ball is empty.

wool pompom 3

To add another ball of wool, or change colour, simply tie your new wool to the loose end of the previous ball.  Continue wrapping the template.

wool pompom 4

When you have wrapped your template and covered it somewhat, you are ready for the wool fleece.

wool pom pom 5

Hold your wool fleece ‘sliver’ in one hand and gently pull off a strand of wool lengthways. This strand should measure about 1 cm in width. Roll it into a ball just as you did for the knitting wool and begin wrapping it around and around the template as before.

wool pompom 6

Overlay as many colours as you like.  No need to tie anything with the fleece.

wool pompom 7

Rotate wool fleece with knitting wool layers.  Add as many colours as you like.

wool pompom 8

Finish with a wool fleece layer and wrap until the hole in the centre of the template is almost full.

cutting wool pompom 9

Take a pair of sharp scissors and gently cut through the wool until you find the template.  Slip the scissors in between the two layers of cardboard and gently snip your way around the circle until the entire template is open.

wool pompom template 10

tieing wool pompom 11

Place a strand of knitting wool or linen thread through the centre of the two templates. Gently pull the two ends of wool together and tie off securely to hold the pompom strands in place. 
wool pompom 15

Tie the two ends of wool together to use as a hanging thread. 

wool pompoms 12

This is my son Ned’s effort. He was so proud of his work. Your children will be too!



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