Simple bags and baskets to make with fingerknitting

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Here are a few ideas of things to do with fingerknitting!
Why not make a paper basket ( the base is a circle, cut from a rainbow painted piece of paper. Four cuts are made on the diagonal and a hole punch makes the holes for the ribbon ties and handle).  It is perfect for a gift bag for a party or an easter egg hunt? They are pretty sturdy and kids like them too!
My friend Angie and her daughter Tigh once gave Henri this little green and yellow basket filled with a gorgeous pink quartz crystal that she still treasures. The handmade fingerknitted box token was an extra treat.
This is one I made. It is a bit deeper and held magic stones for a kindy game.
I like this basket as it can hang on a wall and display quirky treasures. It also fits the wrist of a child. Years ago, a group of children made one each and we collected spring flowers and native seedpods for a small posy.
Happy fingerknitting!

3 Responses to “Simple bags and baskets to make with fingerknitting”

  1. Donna

    Cute little finger knitting ideas Amber! I remember when my boys learnt how to finger knit (in kindy). There was finger knitting all over the house, like spiderwebs … sweet memories. x

  2. Kylie

    Fingerknitted ropes all over our house too. They can become anything from horsey reigns, to elaborate ties, to a dolls wrap dress. The perfect open ended toy!

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