Wool wrapped bangle bracelets: a how-to tutorial

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Funky big bangle love.
When I get dressed every morning, I make sure to throw on one great accessory.  Big chunky bangles are one of my favourite things, and never more so than when I’ve been the one to make it.  Crafty style fun.  This wool wrapped bangle takes about 15 minutes to make, then throw it on and head on out.



First, paint the outside of your wooden bangle form (from Spotlight, or most good craft shops) with acrylic paint. You can skip this step but if the wool happens to move at all down the track, it will mean that the gaps won’t be obvious at all and possibly gives the bangle extra life on the style shelf for this reason too.
Choose your favourite colour wool and tie it onto the bangle.
Begin wrapping the bangle, keeping the strands tight and very close together.  If your paint is dry, you might like to add a fine film of glue onto the bangle to help hold the wool in place.
When you come to the end of one colour (mine is 3 repetitions of light blue followed by dark blue in 4cm widths), simply tie on the new colour.  Make the tie so it sits on the underside of the bangle. Leave 2cm tails on both ends of the tie.
With your next colour, wrap over the tails for extra strength and to ensure the knot cannot come undone.
Every so often, push the wool strands together so they are nice and tight and form fitting.
When you are done wrapping, cut the wool leaving a long tail.
Tie a double knot, then use a tapestry needle to thread the tail back into the body of the wool so it can’t be seen.

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