DIY Nature Candle Holders made at Periwinkle Preschool

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nature candle holders

DIY Nature Candle Holders using a teak pod

A Month of Food Fun: Day Ten, Mealtime Candles


Ever since I began working in a Steiner kindergarten about 15 years ago, I have LOVED a candlestick on our dinner table. Most nights, we light it, then take turns snuffing or blowing it out. It is a tradition, along with saying some kind of blessing or grace, that I have taken into my home from the kindy. I never did this in my childhood, yet I have found there is something magic in being able to stop for moment, look at a delightful dancing flame and take stock. To acknowledge the people at our table, to smile at one another (rather than grumble!), to smell the aroma of our freshly cooked meal, to ponder the work it has taken to grow the food we are now about to eat, and simply to give thanks for fire. Where would we be without fire?  I’d be lost. Waking up without a hot cup of tea? Impossible.

nature candle holders

At Ned’s preschool last year, as part of the final farewell ‘Sail Our Boats’ ceremony, children were gifted with this delightful seedpod candle holder, topped with a beeswax candle that the children had rolled themselves with a little help from the teachers. It is so quaint – just a teak pod from the teak tree superglued to a wooden tree trunk round, with the beeswax candle pressed down into the middle of the star. And yet….  it is somehow divine and more than that… beautiful.

I LOVE a nature gift like this. It reminds me that we don’t have to spend lots of money to make something heartfelt and warming and precious. We have plenty of resources all around us, if only we open our eyes to see.

Perhaps you might be inspired, as I am, to make something similar. Or the same.

I’m sure the Peri girls would be super chuffed to think their little gift of love is now being crafted by loving hands of adults and children all around Australia, and possibly the world.

A lovely meal blessing…


Rain falls, Wind blows, Sun glows

Helps the earth, the seeds to (sow/grow)

Then together, we thank you so.


With thanks to the girls at Periwinkle, always. Such a lovely dedicated bunch.


And while I’m here, I thought I’d share with you just a few photos of Ned’s farewell ceremony. These pictures are just a little snapshot of the care and love personified in this kindergarten every single day.

nature candle holders peri ceremonyRoom set up


Gifts for the children

nature candle holders boats

The Boat Ceremony awaits

boats waiting to sail

Little walnut boats

nature candle holders


(P.S: I can’t wait to inspire all the new educators in our family day care scheme with images like these ones! Our scheme is ALMOST ready for blast off! Not long to go at all. Will keep you updated on our progress.)

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  1. Ronnie

    I have never seen a teak pod before but so fitting to have the star shape for a candle holder.; My children have also embraced the daily ritual of lighting a candle at the start of our meals

  2. Amber Greene

    Ronnie, I know these well but I didn’t know the NAME of them till I put out the call and asked for a tip! Funny that we can be surrounded by beauty and have no idea of what it is, or where it comes from!

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