Paper snack cup made from origami paper square

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In the same way we made the paper carry bag yesterday to carry little treasures, this origami craft can also be used as a quick and easy dish to hold snacks such as popcorn, crackers, or fruit like grapes, strawberries or blueberries.  Don’t have a plate?  Whip one of these up in a second using whatever paper you have handy.  Never be stuck again.


paper snack cup 1

1.  Begin with a piece of paper 15 cm square. Fold in half on the diagonal.

paper snack cup 2

1.  Fold the right side over the left, keeping the top line of the fold horizontal.

paper snack cup 3

2.  Fold the top tip down over the horizontal lip. Flip the paper over.

paper snack cup 4

3.  Repeat step 1.

paper snack cup 5

4.  Repeat step 2.

paper snack cup 6

5. Your paper snack cup is ready!

paper snack cup 7

6.  Fill with your choice of snacks and pass around.

paper snack cup 8

I made these handy cups in a rainbow of colours for his friends to use to collect tokens in a game at Ned’s 4th birthday party too.  Each child was given a different colour so no confusion or tears could be had- a wonderful trick that worked perfectly.

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