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Bio Helen
Helen is now open for providing a warm and loving home and playspace for children in her family day care Gold Coast north venue at Mt Tamborine.

Helen is tender hearted and this shows in her caring nature.  Helen has several years experience working with children in her role as a foster career and continues in this work she adores. She also has four beautiful rescue greyhounds, chickens, a male Turkey named Abraham, (he adopted Helen!!) two peafowls and a peacock, as well as another peacock who also has adopted her!

Indoor Playspace

Helen’s indoor area is bright and happy. There are plenty of open-ended toys to play with, and children are invited to use their imaginations to create wonderful worlds of fun.

family day care gold coast north - play toys

family day care gold coast north trainset

family day care gold coast north- wooden puzzle

family day care gold coast north- kitchen toy

Resting and Sleeping Areas

For those utilising overnight care, Helen has purpose-built areas for sleeping and resting too.

family day care gold coast north- house

family day care gold coast north- basinette

family day care gold coast north- cot

Cooking and Eating is Fun too!

Helen also has a deep love of cooking, and can sometimes be found creating raw treats for some of the local cafes!

In her past, Helen has operated her own Cake Decorating business, and she is itching to share these creative skills with the children!

Inspiration Calling!

Helen’s love of farmyard animals AND cooking is the inspiration behind the name for Helen’s family day care, hence “Barnyard Cupcakes”!

Outdoor Space

Helen lives on a beautiful property set back from the road, and there is tons of space for the children to play.  There is a purpose built playground with swings, slides, and a beautiful shady tree!

Helen has many local birds who enjoy her garden, and this creates a peaceful and tranquil environment.

The children who attend “Barnyard Cupcakes” Family Day Care with Helen will have to opportunity to do real farm work on their days of attendance.

family day care gold coast north- nature table

family day care gold coast north- outdoor play undercover

family day care gold coast north- garden

family day care gold coast north play area

family day care gold coast north - beehives

family day care gold coast north- peacock

family day care gold coast north- peacock 2

family day care gold coast north- turkey

Details of Opening Hours for “Barnyard Cupcakes” Family Day Care

Helen is offering a mix of daytime care AND overnight care. Please see below for details.

  • Tuesday 5.30am to 5pm (7am – 5pm standard hours)
  • Tuesday overnight care from 5pm (non-standard hours) till Wednesday morning.
  • Friday 5.30am to 5pm (7am – 5pm standard hours)
  • Friday 5pm to Sunday late-afternoon (non-standard hours)



  • Enrolling children from Babies to School Age.
  • Fees $11.00 per child per hour during standard hours
  • Fees $14.50 per child per hour for non-standard
  • CCB and CCR approved.
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day.


Vacancies will fill quickly, so call to arrange your interview today on 0488 369139.

Or click the blue link for our online enrolment form for QLD to start the ENROLMENT process of your child at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care now.  (You will be redirected to our Hubworks page.)


Disclaimer – Hubdebit Fee Facility:

  • Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Pty Ltd is not responsible for any fees or charges incurred should your account not have enough funds to cover the direct debit amount required.
  • AFTER enrolment: Once you have a successful placement with an educator, and your child starting family day care, childcare fees will be invoiced to you.
  • These outstanding fees (your out of pocket expenses after CCB and CCR benefits have been applied) are deducted automatically through Hubdebit once a fortnight on a Friday. It is vital that parents ensure there enough funds in the account from this day to cover your childcare fees. Please note, the actual day that fees will deducted from your account will depend on your bank. Please allow up to three working days for this to occur. (Eg sufficient funds to cover your out-of-pocket childcare fees must remain in the account from Friday until Wednesday the following week to ensure Hubdebit and your bank can process them.) 
  • Should sufficient funds not be available in time, a $40 administration fee, plus the hub debit processing default fee of approximately $3 will be automatically added to your account to cover our account managers time in following this up to ensure your educator is paid on time. 
  • Please note, should a direct debit request be denied, it is the parent or carer’s responsibility to ensure that payment is made within 7 days or care may need to be suspended.
  • Please contact the office should you have difficulty in paying your account to discuss the set up of a payment plan.
  • If you have any questions about Hubdebit, please contact the office on 0488 369139. 

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