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Looking for Family Day Care QLD?

Varsity Lakes/Burleigh Waters Area

Our Gold Coast Educator Anna’s Family Day Care Qld service in the Varsity Lakes/Burleigh Waters area is now open.

Welcome to Nathan House Family Day Care

Nathan House Family Day Care is the name of the Anna’s service. Friendly and warm-hearted Anna is bursting to start, and is excited to begin this new adventure caring for the children of the Gold Coast mid-region.
With a strong focus on play and family and reciprocal relationships, children thrive in Anna’s care. Exploring the outdoors and nature with children is a love of Anna’s. She likes to work in the rhythms of nature making useful resources that help us through the day.

Experienced Early Childhood Teacher (with years of Steiner Early Childhood Experience)

Anna comes from a farming background and has 25+ years of experience in early childhood teaching.  She moved to the Gold Coast in mid 2016 to be closer to her son and his family, including her grandchild. Anna has been exploring this delightful town of ours, and is smitten.

Anna’s personal education philosophy includes her belief that “home” (or “family”) daycare with a smaller family group of children is the most natural way of supporting the development of the young child.

She is a Steiner trained Early Childhood teacher and wherever possible, she is guided by this educational philosophy. Anna strives to provide organic foods, natural play resources, and to model a sustainable way of living.

Children will engage in beautiful art and craft activities, gardening, cooking, singing, storytelling, and imaginative play.

Building reciprocal relationships with families is important to Anna, and she will be hosting seasonal festivals, parent education nights, and other opportunities to build a little community of wonderful families and friends of Nathan House.


Indoor Play Space

Anna’s play space is a warm, inviting, organised and aesthetically pleasing place to be for young children. She has a variety of open-ended toys for children to engage with, and encourages free imaginative play by using storytelling as a guide and support.

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Nathan House, Family Day Care Qld, is now open.

Nathan House in Burleigh Waters is now open. Come along and say hello, and meet her lovely pup too!  Photos of her outdoor space coming soon.
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Nathan House Family Day Care Qld – Details

  • Opening hours. Monday to Friday,  8am to 4pm.
  • Enrolling children from baby/toddler to school age.
  • Fees $12.50 per child per hour.
  • CCB and CCR approved.
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day.

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Nathan House is now open.

Anna is currently meeting families who are looking for family day care in Varsity Lakes/Burleigh Waters area. Please call Anna directly on 0458304276 or call the service on 0488 369 139 to speak with a service staff representative.
Nathan House is now open.
Anna looks forward to meeting you should you be interested in this style of childcare.

Vacancies fill quickly, so call to arrange your interview today on 0488 369139.

Or click here to start the ENROLMENT process of your child at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care now.  (You will be redirected to our Hubworks page.)


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  1. Natasha mcmahon

    Hello there, I’m a friend of Annas son Dillon. I’ll be looking for care of my 6 to 8 week old baby around May this year for 2 days per week on a Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you

  2. Amber Greene

    HI Natasha
    I’ve just forwarded your details to our families officer who will be in touch via email shortly.

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